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  1. Apart from the usual clips, lines, lanyards etc being reffered to here I have what I feel is a top tip.


    I have one handle covered in red insulation tape with a dymo label saying "HOLD HERE" that way I can hand the camera up from the other handle, the boat boys see the red handle saying hold here. Also as it's red I shout "hold the RED handle". ;)

    Also the other thing is INSURANCE for when they don't hold the red handle. :wacko:



    And what do you do when they can't read English? :D

  2. Aurora Reservoir!!!!


    The viz can be an incredible 20ft on a good day and the annual crayfish migration is not to be missed. Its a balmy 59 degrees and the water is a wonderful, muddy slime green color. Its enough to make a limey homesick.  :D  :)  ;)





    Come on now Gary, your holding back. You didn't mention the wreck (twin Engine Cessna) or the bass, wipers and the treasures dropped by newbie divers in training. :excl:

  3. When I first had my Ike housing it didn't have the TTL installed yet and I could go up to 1/250 (might have been 1/320 but it was a year ago and they say the 2nd thing to go is your memory) before I started seeing the shutter in the frame. I think I tried using the manual settings on the DS-125s and I could still only go to 1/180 (it still sees a flash connect I presume).

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