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  1. The footage plays well as it should on the camera veiwfinder but on my PC it is skipping footage and noise! I have been playing it on my PC before , so whats going on? I also have been using all sorts of players like AVCHD , VLC, Windows...so whats going on it;s a pain !
  2. Hello all, I just bought a HDR SR-12 120 GB High Definition camera for diving, and need to know the best setting for shooting please??? I have tried shooting some footage and the video skips and looks like in slow motion , I like to be able to chance format to Iphone/ipod.
  3. Oh come on guys someone must know of a supplyer? Please..
  4. Hello all , who know where I can get my hands on These lights prefer in Australia....
  5. Came with the housing! Already done this Richard.
  6. Ok I will get hold of the filter for shallow stuff and only use lights (when I find a set) for deeper stuff. wagsy the remote inside is just for the camera , the on/off button on the outside works on a magnet and reed switch inside , the reed switch inside is wired to the remote , hense when you press the button (magnet on the outside ) the record comes on . You can see this in the 1st pic. Again I went this way cus I didn't want any holes on the housing.
  7. Yep sure is , I plan on taken the housing down to 100 mtr +.. I only have record button, thats all I wanted , no holes less chance of flooding.
  8. Is this better wagsy. As for tips how much you charging I have my cheque book ready HA HA..
  9. Here are some more.. Do you have any tips your can add to get better video clips other than keep practicing?
  10. Hi wagsy I bought my housing from a guy in Cains , he used Autocad to design then made it out of Ally then coated with Anodise (blue) rated well over for 100mts, that why I bought the housing, will put up some pics soon... What are these filter like ? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380130520923&_trkparms=tab%3DWatching Here is what I have wagsy!
  11. Hello all, I just bought a housing for my Sony, I like to know which is better for filming: Do I set the zoom in for wide shooting or telephoto , assuming that I have only recording control reed switch , also I found that while recording my video's are green/blue, I know I should be using lights but at this point do I have any other options like maybe filters?
  12. Hi Johnno thats a great idear if you had the room, for the mean time the leak detector will have to do , just need to know if someone has a better way of installing/making the little thing... I have bought 2 of those lights just waiting to arrive.
  13. Hi Bill I'm looking for a rated Housing to 65mtr +!
  14. Hello anyone have a housing for my Sony HDR-SR12E please or have a site where I can buy?
  15. Hi Nick, I see that you have Sony Vegas , would that be Pro 8? I also just bought this softwear, to use with my new Sony HDR-SR12E, I need some help . Having problem with : 1. After shooting footage , how do you get the footage ready for Sony Vages softwear, I see that it captures High Definition footage in the AVCHD format? 2. How do you get it ready for editing? I have other question , but would like help with these 1st! Thanks in advance.
  16. Me too, I'll like to know also, heard great reports.
  17. Yes you can dump the raw files to a Blu_Ray disk with that software but you are very limited in what yo can do. There are software burning programs like "Express Burn Burning Software", popping up all over the place that can burn data to a Blu_Ray disk. I would do some test burns and take to the shop and try before you buy a player. Another thing to watch out for is the brand name of disks you are using. Just because it's a blank Blu_Ray disk does not mean it will burn/play in your Blu_Ray player. I have some Ritek Blu_Ray disks here that my burner cannot burn too and some blank DVD disks that refuse to work in my Sony DVD player. Another cheap option is to just plug your laptop/computer into you HDTV if you have VGA, DVI HDMI out. That's what we do here with our HD projector...just play the files from the hardrive. It's pretty cool surfing the net on a 100 inch screen and watching HD clips is great. If you have laptop with a Blu_Ray player in it you can watch Blu_Ray moves as well and that Image Constraint Token (ICT), a electronic flag that throttles playback to low resolutions if HDCP is not present can be by passed pretty easy if you are using a analog-VGA connection. You guys should download Sony Vegas 30 day trail and see if you can work with it. Hey wagsyI just downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 8, one word WOW there shore is a lot of stuff you can do with this edit softwear, but still need something like Sony Achiteck Pro 4.5 to burn DVD (HD STUFF). Anyone out there know how to use the softwear, I geuss I can play around to see what happens , but better if you can help me ! Oh yer, I see you can buy a Blu-ray DVD burner (external) for a laptop, just had a chat to one of the guys at Good Guys store.
  18. Great links wagsy, do you know much about this one! Express Burn Burning Software, it is free to download.
  19. I agree, HD Videoing shooting is hard to learn, wish I had someone here to show me rather than trying to understand step by step (I feel stupid asking basic questions) Wags shore knows he stuff when it comes to HD Video shooting!
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