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    Canon G7, Canon 1Ds Mark III & 5D Mark II
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    Ikelite G7, Sea and Sea MDX-Pro and Seacam 5D
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    Inon Z240, YS250X2, YS110aX2, Seaflash 150X2
  1. I stayed at Lembeh Resort once and Kasawari 3 times. Both of them have spoilt me. Now, it seems hard to find resort in the region (which is known for their hospitality) able to match them in term of photographer friendly, no_need_to_carry_your_stuffs_ever and great dive master. Ali and Nus at Kasawari are hard to match.
  2. Enric, Very nice and side mount very interesting. I use the same setup like you. Which dome and port extension you used? I used SD and PV35 but sometime there is reflection shown in the photo/video. Thanks is advance
  3. Excellent video. very nice indeed. What camera and lens you used for this? Thanks
  4. Awesome video. Very well preserved Flying Fortress
  5. Excellent work. Great way of getting your photos to the wall.
  6. Wow!! Impressive both underwater and land photography.
  7. Thxs for the info Cho. I am one of the frustrated person too. Can you elaborate what you mean by "I should adjust focus distance on foreground subject as far as possible" Thanks in advance
  8. dkrm


    Thanks all. I really like Wakatobi. Our trip was great except for some small issue.
  9. dkrm


    Thanks Steve. There are a whole lot more for you Make sure you do House Reef as many times as you can. It is truly amazing. I like Roma too.
  10. Hi All, My family and I just came back from 7 days trip at Wakatobi. We had a blast and certainly the best food ever of any diving trip we ever been. Just want to share some photos I took while I was there. Starfish and featherstar during safety stop Portrait of crocodile fish Denise Pygmy - I have a pregnant one too Roma - probably one of the best dive site School of rainbowrunner CFWA of Stonefish
  11. I used Seacam 45, Nauticam 180 and INON 45. I like Seacam and Nauticam. Purely my personal experience. Seacam built like tank and very assuring to use and rotate. Nauticam slightly too big but gave nice view.
  12. I just came back from Wakatobi shooting Nauticam with 7D and Seacam with 5D Mark II. I have one irritating issue on Nauticam. The back dail (the one that adjust Aparture) on my unit malfuction and can only work one way i.e I can only increase the aperture value. Everytime I tried to turn the back dial anticlock wise it got stuck and and the Av not move. I have to work this around by using Q button. It is too slow because it requires me to press Q button, then select Av then use front dail to adjust the Av. I cannot comment about Aquatica. I love the Seacam 5D MII. BTW, I think the closing hatch on Nauticam is a bit old style. I understand they came up with new latch style in their newer model.
  13. Really nice. I like the clarity that you have with your wide angle. I need to join your diving trip soon.
  14. Really nice. I like the lighting.
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