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  1. For you info, these arms, 7 segments, are $6 each. I think you have to adjust your price.
  2. Looks like a very nice lens, but I don’t think you will sell it on this site. I have never seen a 500mm used underwater.
  3. Wanted: Amphibico 5 pin cable which runs from HD monitor to housing bulkhead. I have the bulkhead already.
  4. As far I know is that the Gopro attachments are 1/4-20 as every standard tripod connections
  5. I have tried it all, no result. I guess I have to live with it.
  6. Ok, but just to make it clear. The handles you mentioned are not the ones shown on the photo's? Marcel
  7. Dan, I have got a question about the gates housing. You mentioned that you had extra side mounted handles for this housing. Are you interested in selling these separately? Maybe you have other Gates parts I could use. Hope to hear from you soon best regards marcel
  8. I , finally, received my port and it looks like I'm screwed. It looks like it is a glass port, the text on the port is Gates SP44 G. I think the G means that it is glass. I have taken the port apart and soaked the glass dome in vinegar. If I want to use citric acid, in what concentration should I mix it?
  9. I have just received the port and order the NOVUS kit today. Hopefully it will arrival at the end of the week. Looking at the port there are no scratches at all only the water marks, should I start with No.2?
  10. I have already contacted Gates for some advice. I did order the Novus kit, so hopefully I will fix my problems. I will keep you informed. Thanks for the replied so fare.
  11. I have just got the confirmation that the dome is acrylic, so polishing is a option is guess.
  12. I think you are right, this is a glass version. I guess polishing is out of the question then. I have used the vinegar method with my Fathom port but with no result.
  13. I have a Gates SP44 acrylic port which has some watermarks in the glare coating. I know that underwater you won't see it but with curtain angles you will see the marks on your shots. Can anyone tell me if I can polish this water marks/coating out my port completely. Regards Marcel
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