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  1. I recently updated my preferences to receive a once-per-day notice of activity for any forum thread in which I am a participant but I seem not to be receiving these notices. Is this feature active? TIA Also, the built-in spellchecker which works in Firefox in every other forum I frequent seems to be disabled here. Any advice?
  2. Part of my job IS to protect the company. I am the director of corporate communication, manage our online reputation and act as the customers' ombudsman to facilitate solutuions to difficult probmens. But, I'd never defend B&H if we'd done something wrong. Our COO (my boss's boss) has a philosophy that if we're 1% wrong, we're wrong. I subscribe to that. I also hold my own integrity too highly to compromise it defending an error or mistake. Those who've seen me online for the past 20 years know this to be true. I appreciate this is a fraught situation but impugning my character does nothing to support or refute the facts. I did send 3 pictures of the camera and there is a big chunk of the exterior face of the camera body missing. But it's evident from the damage the camera wasn't dropped. It seems more likely the camera might have been mounted on a tripod which then fell. Had it been dropped the damage would be dented inward. The baseplate of the camera is pulled outward as the photos cleary show.
  3. Thank you for your order and this feedback. We regret your dissatisfaction. The camera we received has been carefully inspected and the damage photographed. It's outr conclusion (and mine) the damage is not due to having been dropped. The location and nature of the damage strongly suggests it had been attached to, and then forcible removed from, a tripod, perhaps when the tripod was knocked over. I will send some of these images via email. B&H is big but losing any customer's business matters a great deal. We do care about our public image -- every company does. We spend money to buy advertising, but far less than we might since we don't advertize in general purpose newspapers or magazines but only those aimed at our core customers and core product group.
  4. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll check this out and if correct we'll update our site ASAP.
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