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  1. The slight blur was mostly from very cloudy conditions. It would also improve if stopped down more. You can shoot the 7-14 with a 180 dome if you want, this was what I had.
  2. I think it's a very sharp and fast lens for that format. You do need to use a 170mm dome, port adapter and extension, so it's not cheap to house, but many folks love it for video particularly. You should shoot it stopped down some. This was shot at 7mm f/7.0. It has a lot less distortion than the 8mm FE obviously.
  3. Basically, why would you put an inexpensive filter in front of expensive optics?
  4. Saga domes all have a removable shade. It doesn't look like it on the larger domes, but it's a press fit with an oring holding it on. You have to leverage one side off at a time. It's been a while since I've seen a Saga 170mm (actually 165mm) dome, but I'm quite sure that the shade comes off with a little effort. Just sort of peal it off. A bit of grease on the oring will make it easier next time. Then it should work fine with the 8-15 for circular FE shots. Jack
  5. I would hope this also applies to UWP retailers to offer solutions and links to appropriate products and announcements within reason. We are as hard hit as anyone and many are small businesses.
  6. It's just held on with an oring. It might be pretty stiff, but will come off. Clean, lube it and replace.
  7. In-camera FE correction works now on present models with the latest firmware. On jpegs only.
  8. Triton Bay is an amazing area. Macro is awesome on nearly every dive. However the visibility can be an issue for wide angle at many times. They do run boats further south and it gets better there. Whale sharks are fairly numerous around the fishing rafts, but the rafts have been known to move overnight to the south. Leeza runs an amazing resort in an extremely remote location. All the diving was well organized with good guides. Leeza has good relations with the locals, but they aren't always all that friendly to divers or even to each other...West Papua has had some unrest lately.
  9. You have to stop down well for a small dome like that. There really isn't an equivalent setup using a w/a lens and a TC. It's poor on a D800 and terrible on a D850 for instance. The Nauticam MWL wet lens is the best solution. Added to a 60mm macro lens on Nikon it works very well. There's not a great Canon solution however. This port is being sold at cost, let me know if you want it. Shipping to Russia is very hard from the US, FedEx will not ship to individuals in my experience only to businesses. Mail is very poor. If you have a friend elsewhere maybe I can ship there.
  10. Mehmet; Yes it's possible. However it will depend on the lens obviously. The 100mm dome port I am selling has a built-in 20mm extension. That should mean that it will also fit the Nikon 8-15 or Canon 8-15. An old chart did show that combination, however I can't absolutely say that it will. Jack
  11. It should e noted that it may add 2mm or so to the extension using these sorts of adapters. Which may, or may not, be an issue. Jack
  12. We have one spot for a male diver/photographer for next November's Damai II trip. Cost is $5995 - all inclusive other than park fees, airfare and hotels. Included are: Nitrox, Port Fees, Rental Gear, Laundry - even massages! Sign up here, or call 800-359-1295 Halmahera to Raja Ampat (Nov 25th - Dec 5th, 2020): Diving in Halmahera offers a variety of underwater experiences including a spattering of wrecks in the north, some world class muck diving sites in the south and some of the best examples of hard coral gardens in Indonesia. Halmahera liveaboard trips offer divers the chance to dive all corners of this remote and diverse archipelago. North of the Banda Sea and west of the world famous Raja Ampat lies this underpopulated island and its neighboring archipelago of volcanoes, sandy islands and mangroves. Visit the drop offs in south Bacan to see Barracuda, the islands of Goraici to enjoy schooling reef fish and bait balls attracting numerous hunters, tunas, and mackerel and hunt under the docks at Makian and Leilei for critters. This is definitely a hot spot and we believe the best is still to be discovered! Our itineraries are always weather and diving condition dependent, and we hope to spend most of the trip in the Halmahera area. However this is shoulder season and we may have to adjust as necessary. Departing from the Sultanate of Ternate, the Damai II liveaboard will make the first stop at the volcanic island and seamount of Tifore to enjoy huge schools of barracudas and jacks, reef sharks and some cool macro. From here you will island hop through the picturesque northern Maluku islands; from Makian into the archipelago of Goraici and its seamounts, great reefs and beautiful coral gardens with possible manta sightings. Then we'll go to Pulau Kusu with soft coral fans and lots of fish and onto Pasir Karo with sloping reefs with lots of big and small critters. Our expedition will continue to Bacan with its world class muck diving in the morning along the black sand slopes in front of the boat-building beach, and its schooling barracuda off the wall in the afternoon, reported to be the largest in Indonesia. Back to Back Halmahera.pdf
  13. I would go with the a6600 over the a6400. It has most of the latest s/w, and a much bigger battery for video.
  14. Kraken is coming out with some new detachable arms, I played with them a bit at DEMA. They are spring loaded and lock into place pretty well.
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