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  1. I just tested the latest rev of the YS-D3 in the shop with my Nauticam D850 and optical flash trigger board. I used a pair of Nauticam cables and set the board to YSD2 mode. It works fine, fairly rapid firing, TTL and manual control seems good. The only issue I saw was in Cl or Ch release modes where there was a slight hesitation. I think the camera was looking to see if the strobe had recycled. You can send the strobes into S&S here in the US and they can flash the pram. They told me that this does address Nauticam triggers, which are made by UWt. I have customers using these with Nauticam manual flash triggers on an A7III with very good results. Jack
  2. If you are using a TTL optical trigger board, they have two different settings for those strobes. The only way to fire them as a dual setup will be in manual. You need to set the board and the camera to manual strobe firing settings. Both require high-quality multifiber cords to fire consistently. Jack
  3. Further reduction to $395! This is an excellent lighting tool for macro.
  4. 60mm lens sold. 7-14mm & 12-100mm PRO lenses available.
  5. E-M1 MKII Body has been sold! Lenses are still available.
  6. I doubt it, they have different teeth count and dimensions.
  7. Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC Macro Lens for Nikon Original model of the popular Sigma 17-70mm macro lens. Shoot wide angle to (sort of) macro with one lens! This model is NOT the OS, HSM version, it is the first version. However it is popular for UW use as it has a much small barrel width than the newer versions. In good shape, I'd rate it a B+ condition for it's age, no mold or oil on blades, clean, no dings. Complete with caps and lens hood, box. Nikon mount. $150/OBO Price includes PP or CC fees, shipping in the US. Contact: Jack Connick, Jack@OpticalOceanSales.com
  8. Two Nauticam 90x220mm Float Arms for sale. Demo, like new, used once or twice is all. New series kevlar float arms. Very light. Lifetime Nauticam warranty against leaking! These are the 72220 modes, 90x22mm, Effective Buoyancy (each) 720g (approx. 1.59lbs) List price is $160 each. Selling as pair only! $275 Price includes PP or CC fees, ground shipping in US. International shipping at cost. Contact: Jack Connick, Jack@OpticalOceanSales.com
  9. Red filter to remove cyan cast. Hard to find M46 size. Fits Olympus 9-18mm lens or others inside housing. Never wet, no scratches $25 Includes PP or CC fees, USPS shipping in US. International shipping at cost. Contact: Jack Connick, Jack@OpticalOceanSales.com
  10. Get the latest Inon z-330 strobes for less! Used on a couple of trips, as new shape, with only very light abrasions on cases. Powerful GN 33, fast recharge, optical or electrical sync. S-TTL or manual operation. Complete in original boxes with dome diffuser, manual, spare parts, even the Inon sticker! Includes 2x Nauticam ball mounts ($58 value) Sold only as pair! $1150, firm Price includes PP or CC fees, FedEx ground shipping in the US. International shipping at cost. Contact: Jack Connick, Jack@opticaloceansales.com
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