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  1. Hey, This is now on ebay with the bidding starting at just $1000 without reserve if you are interested http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...T#ht_500wt_1182
  2. Hi all, Im selling na almost new Ikelite Housing for D300 camera along with a DS160 strobe and a port suitable for a 60mm Macro (5502.41). Its all fully boxed and has all accessories. Total cost new a few months months ago was $1450 for housing and $1000 for strobe. Selling for $2000 but am willing to listen to offers. This has no more than 30 dives. I am based in the UAE but will ship worldwide (and cover the majority of the shipping cost) Let me know if you would like to know anything else! I can email pics to you if you want, I have no idea how to add them to this post! CHeers Lee
  3. Thanks Leslie for your quick response.
  4. Hi, I think this is a Chromodoris Annae but im not sure. It was taken in the Arabian Gulf off of Abu Dhabi. Dunno how to embed so here is link! Link Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  5. Could it be Pomacentrus arabicus? Kinda seems likely due to location.
  6. Thanks guys - I too couldnt find it in any of my books.
  7. Is this a damselfish? If so which species? Taken in the Arabian Gulf.
  8. Sorry, it was taken in the Arabian Gulf (UAE West Coast)
  9. Sorry if this is a basic question, im new to all this. I cant seem to find out what this fish is. I think its a goby but I really dont know! Picture is poor, I know - as I said, new to UW photography and shooting available light on a DSLR which is not nice!
  10. Hi guys, I ordered the DS160 - I hope I dont get any issues as described above! I will let you know if I do. Thanks for all advice and happy new year.
  11. Hi all, Im going to be purchasing a strobe this week and not sure what to go for. At first I was looking no further than the DS51 - great price and seems to meet the specs for what I want, however I dont want to have to fork out for another strobe when my requirements change so started looking at DS125. Now correct me if I am wrong but it seems the DS125 is being phased out for the DS160. Is this correct? The price of a DS125 is a few hundred bananas cheaper than the DS160 though - i the DS 160 worth the bit extra or shall I go for the DS125? Cheers Lee
  12. Thanks both - I guess primarily macro shots are what I want but I dont want to be exclusively tied to this - thanks for your input, much appreciated. Lee
  13. Hi all, I recently purchased an Ikelite Housing for my Nikon D300 and am now looking to purchase a strobe(s). Just a couple of questions: Is one or two strobes recommended for UW? On land I own many lights so not sure how this relates to UW! Will the DS51 do the trick or is the remarkably low price compared to its bigger brothers telling of its quality? I am an avid land photographer and mainly (not exclusively) use manual settings to trigger my SB800's. In UW photography is TTL or manual preferred? Also, my other UW beginner question - I recently got back from Maldives and my first trip with housing. I got back to find most of my shots were out of focus ever so slightly. Im a technical perfectionist so this almost killed me! I was shooting on available light only and had my 60mm Macro wide open. Shutter speeds from 1/40 to 1/320 were affected by this out of focus appearance. Would this out of focus issue be caused by me using AF to focus and then having the water move me slightly making the low DoF take my focus point out of focus? Or is there another trick to UW focussing I dont know about?! Cheers all and happy christmas!
  14. I got a 60mm Macro and I love it - I do think however given the choice again I would opt for 105mm.
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