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    Photography… I love landscape and underwater photography and when I travel - street; capturing people going about their everyday lives.

    I'm passionate about the welfare of all animals and a very strong advocate against the Taiji dolphin slaughter and the current Western Australia's stand on culling sharks.

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  1. Hi Phil, I have been slowly resetting my custom MYSETS settings however when I go into the buttons/lever functions, go to AEL/AFL function and scroll through the list of available assignments, there is nothing there for focussing If there is, I can't find it I've tried to call Olympus in Australia and they aren't answering, so I'm kind of lost.
  2. Hi all, greetings I've just today been able to do the firmware upgrade on my EM1. Before the upgrade I had the AEL/AFL button assigned as the focus so I could use the back lever on the Nauticam housing. Now after the upgrade it appears that I have lost that ability - assigning the AEL/AFL button as focus has disappeared. Or, is it just me?? If indeed I am no longer able to assign the AEL/AFL button as focus, am I able to revert back to the old firmware. Hope someone is able to point me in the right direction. Cheers - Karen
  3. I'm embarrassed to say I have deleted the image Otherwise I would have posted. When looking at the inside of the housing where the AEL/AFL lever is, there is a pin right in the middle of the lever. Mine had moved upwards which then jammed the other lever from moving the AEL/AFL to either position 1 or 2. Hope this makes sense.
  4. Hi Eden, glad my challenge has been of assistance. Cheers - Karen
  5. Hi all... I finally found out why I was having the challenges with the AEL/AFL lever not enabling the focussing. After contacting Nauticam who promptly returned an email expressing their concern with my challenge, I sent them images of inside the housing. It turns out that a tiny silver pin on the lever had worked its way loose and was poking up beyond where it should have been. A quick fix... pushed it down back into place and now everything is as it should be. Great service and KUDOS to Nauticam for their assistance. Cheers - Karen
  6. Thanks Phil for your image as a sample. I've place the camera into the housing exactly as you have…. been using the camera since February and all has been fine until this week diving on Christmas Island. It's as if the rubber on the lever has fallen off and it is now too short. Perhaps you could also confirm whether the AEL/AFL 1 & 2 lever actually does work? Because mine definitely doesn't. I note the slot is there inside the housing the align with the lever on the camera… but when you try to move the lever on the housing it just doesn't move at all. Cheers - Karen (least I spelt my name correctly this time!)
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I have not changed the way I align the camera into the housing - I'm very careful how I do this, but really the tray screws on the base of the camera and then slides into the housing… you can't muck that up! I noticed it was becoming harder and harder to obtain a connection with the lever to the button on the camera. I tried a little blue tack to "lengthen" the rubber on the lever - that worked for a couple of dives. Yesterday I just went back to using the 1/2 press shutter / shoot lever. I'd much prefer to use the back lever for focussing though. Maybe the rubber on the lever has fallen off??? I also note that the lever switch that changes AEL/AFL 1 to 2 and visa versa on the rear of the camera, does not work - it just doesn't move (well it moves millimetres) but no way is it able to move the switch on the camera. I don't use it…. but if it is there, it should work. cheers - Karen
  8. Hi, I have been using my EM1 Nauticam housing since mid February without a challenge. However over the past few dives I've noticed it is becoming harder to use the back lever (AEL/AFL) assigned to focus. I really have to push the lever with more than usual pressure before it engages the AEL/AFL button. And even then, it sometimes doesn't engage. It's as if the lever is too short… if that makes sense. Has anyone else had this challenge? If so, other than return it for service, what am I able to do to fix it? I've removed the camera, reinserted and still have the same problem Hope someone out there is able to assist. I live on a remote island, so sending the housing back right now is not doable. Cheers - Karn
  9. Simon, what is the large looking "knob" on the LHS top of the housing. My housing has a flat looking plug with a straight cut in it for maybe a straight edge screwdriver. Is is possibly for sync cords? Cheers - Karen
  10. I ended up purchasing the new Subsee +10 that screws directly onto the Macro Port 65. I contacted ReefNet and they didn't make an adapter for the old style Subsee I had… so will try and sell that along with the adapter to suit the Nikon 105 Seatool port.
  11. Hi Linda... I have the older style Subsee with a 105vr port adapter. If you still require one please PM me. Cheers - Karen
  12. My first dive with the OM-D E-M! in the Nauticam housing and all I can see is I'm super impressed. It feels just so right in my hands; a pleasure to use and I'm sure I'll become more proficient as time goes on. This image was taken with the 12-50mm in the 60mm port and using the Austrian zoom gear and twin Z240's. It wasn't the best of dives given the surge and building swell. I was just happy to try out the new rig. My next question is about Macro. I have a Subsee +10 with a D300 Seatool 105mm vr port adapter. Rather than purchasing the 60mm macro lens right now what macro wet lens /adapters could I use with the 12-50 (Austrian zoom) in the 60mm port??
  13. Hi Alex, housing arrived today!!! Absolutely thrilled with the size, design and how it feels in my hands. A simple modification was done within a couple of minutes. All it took was inserting a larger stainless steel bolt & nut through one of the brace holes and locline bases are now attached. I'd post an image if I could find how to attach the darn thing
  14. Thanks Alex… I haven't received my housing yet.. joys of Island isolation, so it is hard for me to visualise your suggestion. However at least I know there are alternatives and it is possible
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