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  1. Melo, Welcome from downunder. I agree with Mike that the only option will be Ike or Olympus ( if they ever decide to commit - I hear rumblings but perhaps I am losing it in the translation). I would imagine that the Ikelite housing would be dimensionaly similar to the 7070 housing with similar features. Follow this link to keep track of current housing offerings from Olympus. http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_underwater.asp Have patience as they do live in a world unto themselves. Peter
  2. This is a known problem. The issue lies in the contacts on the charger being bent. This usually happens as you place the battery in the charging cradle. You would think for price of this unit they would provide a more substantial / reliable charger. Best option is to return the charger to the place of purchase so they can help you get it sorted.
  3. I thought this would round out my christmas list.
  4. Just wondering if any one has had a D100 & a D200 side by side, or if they have done the obvious and tried to put a d200 in a d100 housing ? I am happy to give it a try but D200 is not scheduled for delivery Down Under until mid January Cheers Peter :
  5. I have found Sea & Sea strobes to be reliable workhorses, completely free of synch cord and charging troubles. I have a a pair of YS350's ( GN32) which are strictly left for local diving due to their weight & bulk. They are just like the sun. ( I have spare cells that are always on rotation. ) In the field I use a pair YS120's for wide angle, and recently replaced my YS90DX's with Inon Z220's for macro work. I recently used a pair of DS125's for the first time and must admit to enjoying the warmer tones of the images. I seriously considered getting a pair ...................... I found them to be a little heavy - but manageable. I am a little reluctant to put another type of battery into my mix of cells and chargers. It will be great to see the real world performance of the latest offerings from Sea & Sea ( YS110 ) & Ikelite (DS200) My 2 cents.
  6. Every thing that Alex said. Rinse tanks are dangerous places....... the perfect place for a twisted port to come loose. I've never seen a camera fall from the floor. Peter
  7. Looking at the history of Sony's 3CCD cameras - I would think that the FX1/Z1 series of cameras will be current for at least another 12 months ( probably more )
  8. We can only pray and hope that part of that rumour is true - any part will be fine.,
  9. Noothing really to add other than that I have had a similar problem with my Subal /D2X combo - seems to occur with the first shot's / series after a card change . The darnedest thing cause it is so inconsistent.
  10. My favourite of the year. It was the first time I had encountered "Hippocampus denise" . - thanks Max & Ricardo. One of a series I put onto canvas this year - not the sharpest but it works very nicely as an art print. I always find myself drawn back to the texture of the shot. Peter
  11. If you were in sunny Cairns Australia you could take your pick of housings - 300D , 20D ,D70 , D100 , D2X. Cheers
  12. Jim, Try the guys at SARTEK in NY www.sarind.com. They have made all sorts of lights over the years. Peter
  13. Qantas are also enforcing a strict weight and piece policy policy at the moment. I haven't had as much trouble with carry on as I have had with attitude from inflexible / tired check in clerks - although I now leave my "heavy" carry on with some one else as I navigate the check in and then the excess baggage counter. ( I average 40kgs excess each trip ). It really pays to know your ticket / frequent flyer frequent flyer allowances - sometimes the cheap ticket + baggage costs more than a more expensive /flexible ticket. My 2 cents
  14. First impressions remind me of early Dive-rite lights. The battery looks to be a common sealed lead acid that was very popular in u/w lighting a few years ago. Hope this helps.
  15. Cheers - I must have missed that thread.
  16. Just spoke to the team at Cinesure - they are only able to write policy's for residents or companies registered in Australia & New Zealand. The agent says the reason has do do with their reinsurance arrangements...... Good news for OZ not so good for everyone else. Sorry for the false start.
  17. Just wondering if anyone has used one of these strobes yet ?? They certainly haven't shown up downunder yet .
  18. TRY CINESURE in Sydney , they handle motion picture stuff . http://www.cinesure.com.au/ I have all my gear insured through them. The premiium's about $3300 for $125000 equipment - just the $1500 excess makes it painfull for little items.
  19. Hey Mike - good work. All these commisions will have you in shiny black D2X before you know it. Keep it up. peter
  20. In LA you can always got to see Alan at AB Sea Photo on Sepalveda Bvde ( it's just 5 minutes from the airport ). From memory he has a RED steel door out front. I have dealt with B & H myself and always found their ordering / delivery process to be very efficient.
  21. As far as I understand it "DEPP" equipment insurance has only ever been available to persons based in the U.S. ( US resident ) Am I wrong - has a non US based person ever had a successful claim/ settlement ??
  22. What a great desciption............. I recall having lot's of issue's with MX10's in rental - digital certainly has changed that for the better
  23. I would imagine that there has been a lot of " LOST or STOLEN " flooded camera's over the years. I know a guy who has cast his flooded nikonus 5 in clear resin, it sits on his office desk - he says it makes a great conversation piece.
  24. My first significant flood happened on the dive 1 of a 3 week expedition to the Eastern Fields - PNG. A misaligned viewfinder oring developed a leak about 20 minutes into the dive at about 40 meters - there was nothing to do except look at the drip as it developed into a trickle and so on....... the result was one completely dead unsalvageable VX1000 and one dead able to be rebuilt housing. The captain of the boat still talks about how calm I was...... if he only knew what was going on inside - still the forced slow ascent did give me plenty of time to digest what was going on. A few years later a had an issue with one of the battery pods on my HID video lights - total loss Then all remained good for quite a few years. Then 2 months ago in Alor it all caught up 2 weeks into 3 week expedition in Alor 2 Partial / 1 total floods on D2X's . 1st flood cause unknown although I suspect a a hair - lost the dive saved tha camera. 2nd Flood flooded through port. apparent handling error - Port rotated and resulted in significant flood - Total loss 1 x D2X , 1 8 gig card & 1x 12-24 lens. 3rd flood minor flood due to misaligned port ( operator error - familiarity will get you in the end ) - lost dive , field repair saved camera except for autofocus function. Dived on incident free for the rest of the trip shooting manual focus 16mm & 105. Gee - I feel better now that I have shared this ................
  25. Tom, There is no comparison between the two machines. Its a bit like the VW & the Porsche......... Just added another 4 gig of ram (total 8 gig now , still have space for another 8 ) - it really flies now. My poor old power book hasn't been out of it's case in days !!
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