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  1. My information is quite old but I talked to Ikelite once several years back about 70-180 as I was thinking of getting Ikelite housing. However at that time they said that there was no plan to support it. I assume that nothing has changed considered that it is getting harder and harder to find new 70-180 now so it is unlikely that Ikelite has changed its mind and support this lens.

    I am sure you get more accurate and faster answer if you email directly. In the past they are very quick with answering questions.


    Ssra30, thanks for your quick responds. I sand a e-mail to Ikelite. The want test the lens to fit in the modular port system. Only I have to sand the Nikkor to the USA :-( only I don’t bay a 70-180 if it’s won’t fit in the Ikelite port system. On eBay the cost 1100 $ ex. VAT. and that’s a lot of $$$$ if its only for a test.

  2. Polycarbonate housings are subject to condensation (relatively poor heat conductivity). Aluminum is not (unless used in what may be considered extreme ambient conditions).

    What camera are you housing?


    Sorry jcclink, this happened only with a compact camera with a big screen. Not with a DSLR Polycarbonate, I dive white a Ikelite under the ice with no fog.

  3. I ask Ikelite a question the cant ensuring the question without the lens.


    I have a chicken, egg problem :-). I will bay the 70-180mm f/4.5-5.6 ED-IF AF Micro-Nikkor lens, only of its fits in an Ikelite house.


    The lens is not in the Ikelite modular Nikon port list. Is here somebody with a combination Ikelite nikkor 70-180mm micro combination? Yes? What is your combination Port Body, Focus Extension, extension ring?


    I one the next Modular port system components;

    Port Body #5510.10 (nikkor 10,5 and tokina 10-17mm)

    Port Body #5510.20 (nikkor 12-24mm, AF-S 60mm micro)

    Port Body #5510.28 (nikkor 105mm VR)

    Flat port #5510.35 (nikkor 60mm 105mm VR)


    It would be beautiful if I can make a combination with my existing ports.

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