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  1. http://http://www.citizenwatches.com.au/products/model/JP1010-00E
  2. thank you for your precise point of view... i really appreciate it a lot thanks tom... i now have a clearer point of view in my situation
  3. Happy New Year everyone I just want to have another person's point of view in my situation right now... I have a G11 Ikelite underwater set up with a single DS 160... Now I'm planning to move on to DLSR and I got myself a D7000, my dilemma right now is that, if I should get another DS 160 strobe together with a Ikelite housing for the D7000 or if I should get a Nauticam/Aquatica housing, sell my previous set up and go for a pair of YS 110 strobes. The reason for going with the aluminum housing is... a. weight of the Ikelite housing b. from what i've noticed is that Sea and Sea strobes give a sharper lighting compared to Ikelite based on the pictures i've seen (I could be wrong) c. ergonomics of the Ikelite housing The reason for going with the polycarbonate housing... a. cheaper by half the price b. i already have one DS 160 strobe and I just need to get one more c. financially practical what do you guys think? Neil.
  4. Whenever I attach my two stacked 165 Inon Macro lenses into my Ikelite housing, I have to adjust the zoom to avoid vignetting but I recently discovered that when my G11 is on macro setting, I don't have to adjust the zoom to my lenses whenever I place the super macro lenses in the port.
  5. i'll keep this in mind, you are right about having a big opening when shooting something up close. Thanks. Jason. Got it! Jason.
  6. Karel, Well i might just try that this weekend, it'll be my first to dive with a group of underwater photographers, so this time it'll be long and shallow for us, so i think that gives me a lot of time to experiment Jason.
  7. Karel, well since i'm just new, my friend told me to practice with TTL first before i start with manual. Jason.
  8. Damo, Well you actually nailed my inquiry, this over bright phenomenon happens when i shoot macro, the DS 160 is a powerful strobe at TTL with just less than 16 in. away from the subject, it brightens the subject a lot than expected. so i was wondering if i can't adjust my strobes any farther and would want to have a result in a good combination of aperture and shutter speed, i was hoping that i'd rather change the iso setting if it was possible. since i'm just starting, i'm shooting during the day and mostly around 10ft - 20ft. depths. i agree that lowering the ISO on a wide angle shot would make it underexposed. thanks. Jason.
  9. well usually we set our ISO at 100 as standard, although I have a question, what is i have two 8 in. arms holding my DS 160 Ikelite strobe and I have set it to TTL. Since my light is kinda strong and I'm still new in taking pics, the pic kinda comes out brightly lit, would it be better if i'd take it a notch down to 80 ISO? I know I can still do adjustments on Aperture and Shutter Speed, but I'd like to know if putting my ISO to 80 would make a better result?
  10. Ikelite but I think the problem is coming from my memory card, it kinda hangs when you're pushing a lot of buttons too fast
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