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  1. Thanks for the information. You will have to excuse my ignorance but could you explain more on the Magic filter? Are there specific ones for the type of camera and conditions of water? How much do they cost, etc.? Thanks, Dan P.S. I don't fit the "cash is no object" category.. I wish!
  2. I have been diving for years and have been considering getting into UW photography. At this point I would like to just start entry level and see what happens. I have a Canon SD750 sitting in a drawer that I could easily dedicate to UW photography. Would it be worth my while to use the camera and purchase a housing and start with that? Would it be ok to start without a strobe and add it at a later time? How about the housing, does the ikelite one offer any better options for $100 or so more? Am I wasting my time with this camera and should focus on getting something a bit better as a start? Thanks for listening and helping out a rookie! Dan
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