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  1. I have an excellent shape nauticam om-5 housing. $ 475.00 Will post photos, later.
  2. Interceptor 121, The main reason for shooting anamorphic is the wide aspect. Reef scapes and large pelagics would look more natural than with using an ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens. The flare is not the reason. Check out anamorphic video : https://youtu.be/yNkCzbgGqOY
  3. I have mint port . $ 450 US + shipping & insurance. PayPal only
  4. I use a 9mm Laowa Cine lens with a 6 inch port in a Fuji APS and it works fine. I had to remove shade. Here is a link to some sailfish photos.
  5. Assessing from front of lens. The 24 anamorphic minimum focus distance(assuming from focus plane) is .6 meters or 1foot 9 inches without a diopter. I have not tested underwater yet, but I thought extending the distance of the dome even 12 mm would move the aerial (virtual)image back that much. This is a long lens for a 24mm,126.5 mms.
  6. I have a Seafrog housing for my xt-3. It works great for light use. I use a 9mm Laowa Cine lens(great match),10-24mm and a 50mm Zeiss macro. You can get an 8 inch dome for the housing. Unless you are diving very frequently it is a good housing to have, mine was 600 us with a 6inch dome and flat port. Bought the 8 inch dome foe 275. It is better to use zooms that do not protrude will zooming. I make my focus gears by 3d printing. I am in the process now for setting up a 24mm anamorphic lens with the 8 inch dome. Here is a link to some Sailfish photos taken with the setup and a 9mm manual focus Cine lens. https://www.flickr.com/photos/tobyarmstrong
  7. I am setting up a Sirui 24mm anamorphic lens in an underwater housing with an eight inch dome. My normal setup with this dome is for use with a 10-24 Fuji lens. I works great with a +4 diopter.The Sirui lens is about 44 mm longer than the Fuji, putting the front element about 30mm from the Dome apex. With the +_4 diopter on the 24mm I can achieve a close focus of 12 inches, in air with dome. I would like to get the focus down to about 10 inches. My question is that by putting a 12 mm extension on the dome, should this improve the focus on the aerial image?
  8. I have a LX100 in a Meikon housing, it works great for video and still. Here is a link to a video shot in 4K but output @1080. https://youtu.be/O80WLSy70mM
  9. Here is a youtube link to a an Anamorphic underwater video. It was the first shooting test for a DJI Pocket2 with a Ulanzi anamorphic lens. Top half of the housing is 3d printed using ABS plastic .
  10. Does anyone know anyone that does this?
  11. Each gear print is for a particular housing and lens combination. The dome protectors are for the 6 and 8 inch domes on Seafrog housings. If you have those ports I will post the stl files.
  12. Nice solution. 3d printing is being under utilized for underwater gear.
  13. I am using low profile tie wraps to secure he gears. The gears are designed to have a gap in the barrel and gear section. I had an issue on the SeaFrog housing that the gear on the zoom knob would spring in but the shaft stayed in place.My first version would hit the shaft, so I put a notch in the bottom of the gear to accommodate clearance. What material are you using? I also have in the works a 3d printed housing for the Osmo Pocket.
  14. I recently got into 3d printing and cad design. I printed some dome port protectors and gears out of flexible nylon. Also printed some rings to cover the lens info that can reflect off a port.
  15. This type of correction lens is discussed in Lawrence Mertens book "IN-water photography" published in 1970. By this time Ivanoff had a corrected wide angle lens"I think in a nikonos mount" The book goes deep into the physics of the port science. It is one of the definitive books on underwater photography physics. It scan be found used on amazon.
  16. I am interested. email me @ tobyarmstrongus35@hotmail.com and discuss details.
  17. I am interested in the port. Do you think it would work(without vignetting) with a 7.5 fisheye on the em5 housing ?
  18. That should be the direct link. I tried it and it played(slowly in chunks) on my computer. googlr search" ch 15 mobile" then on there site search rigs or red snapper.
  19. http://local15tv.com/news/features/featured/stories/explosive-rig-removals-impacting-sea-turtles-dolphins-376.shtml Here is a link to the ch 15 news story about marine destruction when removing oil platforms.
  20. Will be posting just underwater footage of Snapper on Youtube. Still crunching video, will be up shortly. Search" Toby Armstrong Cameraman" and you can find it.
  21. Just finish shooting the underwater footage for a news story for Ch 15 in Mobile, AL on the killing of Red Snapper in Gulf of Mexico during oil platform removal Report ran Monday the 15th , a longer more in depth version will run on the 24th. Filmed with Gopro. About 15 ft. vis. http://www.local15tv.com/shared/news/features/top-stories/stories/wpmi_eyewitnesses-speak-out-explosive-federal-mandate-killing-snapper-695.shtml
  22. Great shot. Where was it taken?
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