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  1. What are the pros and cons with a normal strobe in a housing (like the Canon 580EX) vs a customized UW strobe from Ikelite/Sea&Sea/Inon? It will be used with a Canon dSLR and TTL is prefered.
  2. Thanks SParkinson. I didn't correct the title, I meant the 110.
  3. Does anyone have or know where to find a manual in English on the Sony PC110?
  4. Great shots Herb! I was looking forward to see them. The stalking octopus is my (and Eriko's) favorite. See you next year unless we meet in SF this autumn. Thomas
  5. I just purchased the newly released Final Cut Express video editing software for my mac. It looks really good. Now, I only got the japanese manual as I live here. Could anyone please email me an English version? Unlike iMovie I need to at least scan through the manual :-(
  6. Looks like a top-end laptop so you will be happy! I used a Toshiba at work before and it was very nice. Personally I would go for the Mac 12 inch G4 powerbook at USD 1800. 5 hours battery and 4.6 lbs
  7. The dome is available now in Japan. I saw 3 units at JPY 38,000 (USD 340) last week on the 21st in one shop.
  8. I ordered one the first day it was announced without telling my wife. Luckily shippings was delayed which will give me more time to convince my wife I really need a new mac for my work (freelance). I haven't seen it yet, not even in the shops, but it looks outrageous. I use a 15 inch G4 now at work which is very very good.
  9. I own the Canon 9000 and use an Epson 3500 at work (same Mac computer). I think the Canon is better. Better quality and faster. But I don't know about the 2200. Probably they are very similar. However, I miss the function to be able to print directly on CD-ROMs with the Canon.
  10. I like the ROC on my Titan a lot. But it is expensive. Sea & Sea launched a house that looks ok at USD 800 in Japan. I would have a look at that. The page is in Japanese. http://www.seaandsea.co.jp/f-product-dx5000.html
  11. Like Cybergoldfish says; the 12 mm S&S is awesome. I had one before. It took some time to get used to it. You can actually fit in a whole whaleshark at 35 cm distance (I think) if you are lucky seeing one ;-) My fins were on the first 2-3 rolls of film (it is that wide!)
  12. The MotorMarine III list price is 96,000 yen (800 USD). So similar to the Nikonos V. Sexy? Hmmm. Yeah, it is quite sexy in fact.
  13. ... and today the S2 was announced on their website! Congratulations all you S2 owners! The (list) price here in Japan is 218,000 yen which would be about 1800 dollars. Shipping starts in April.
  14. I went to the Tokyo Scuba Expo and Sea & Sea did not display it :-( Their focus was on the new Motormarine III. The S2 house is not even in their 2003 catalogue. I asked one of their sales people before and he knew nothing.
  15. Here are some shots using the dome port and a C5050 from the Inon website: http://www.inon.co.jp/gallery/m67/w01.jpg http://www.inon.co.jp/gallery/m67/w02.jpg
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