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  1. Aquatica housing for Nikon D80. Perfect condition. Comes with two lenses and Ikelite strobe. $1200.
  2. Just so you guys know... and in case it's a kind of "organized fraud"... I recently put an ad in a french classifieds site (Les PAC). A Montreal located site I did business with many many times... Anyway, I proposed my Aquatica housing (for Nikon D80) with a macro-port and a Ikelite strobe (DS125). I had a proposition by a certain Paul Preston (fake name, of course). The guy offered me $2000. And asked me to proceed with Paypal. At the time, I didnt really know about Paypal. And thats exactly why I was the perfect victim! So, I registered to Paypal. I was aware that I couldnt access to the buyer's money before I sent Paypal the tracking number of Postes Canada. Of course, I had many "fake paypal e-mails" assuring me that I would get access to the $2000 the minute I gave them that tracking number. So I made a complete idiot ofmyself and, well, gave away my stuff to these guys in Nigeria!!!! So, if someone from Nigeria offer you a Aquatica housing OR a Ikelite strobe, PLEASE, let me know! The UW photographers is, after all, a relatively small community. But I could be wrong. After all, I'm a complete idiot in so many ways!
  3. Hi! I could be interested in buying your Ikelite housing and ports... Thing is I already have the camera.
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