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  1. Don't know why you would need the 30 M when the 16-50 works with both wide wet lenses like WWL-1/1B plus WWL-C and closeup lenses like CMC-1/2 and SMC-1/2 or any of the many other 67mm threaded C/U lenses.
  2. Hi Dan I do not have the focus gear, lens and port still available.
  3. My review of Blackwater diving in the Palm Beach, Florida area in the current issue #121 of us-mag.com, this is a FREE PDF download.
  4. My review of the UW Technics TTL flash converters for most cameras, housings and UW flashes. From the current FREE issue of uwpmag.com
  5. Nauticam has today updated the port charts for Sony cameras. The new 14mm F/1.8 lens is included and the recommend port extension for the 230mm Nauticam port is the 30mm. I stand corrected on the use of the 30mm extension with the Zen port after further tests I can find no vignetting with the 30mm extension. Nauticam has also introduced a new N100 to N120 25 port adapter to use the 14mm with the WACP-2 the AOV with this configuration is 140 degrees.
  6. Hello Kramer, In the Nauticam NA-A1 housing I am able to use the same camera tray and have the following controls working. All of the controls on the rear of the housing with the exception of the C3 bottom seem to lineup. The of the controls of both side of the housing also seem to lineup. I have occasionally had issues where I turn the camera on from the housing control but then can't get the same control to turn the camera off. Most of the time the on/off works. Because the camera can be completely reprogrammed to use just about any control for any function I don't think you would have any issues with the A7R IV in the A1. housing. Be aware that I have not yet tried to uses the A7R IV in the water with the A1. The A1 is such a great camera that it is all I have been using since it arrived. Also be aware that the A1 should out preform both A9 and A9 II out of the water as well as in the water. Also be aware that if you are looking for a housing the size of the A6000 series the A7C housing is excellent.
  7. Hi Gary, The NA-A7SIII is missing the Focus and Drive controls on the top left side of the housing. Many users of the A1 may not miss these controls but past A9/A9II users may miss the ability to shift focus and frame rates on the fly. The A1 housing also has the C1 & C2 control buttons on the top right of the housing rather than the A7SIII arrangement with one on top and one on the back of the housing. I also tried the Sony A7R IV body in the A1 housing and the basic controls which would allow me to shoot line up using the A1 tray. As a stills shooter I am hoping the the coming A7 IV will adapt to the A1 housing as a backup camera.
  8. I now have the Sony 14mm F/1.8 in house and I have done a few tests. Using the Nauticam NA-A1 housing for the A1 camera and the N100 to N120 35.5 port adapter II the 14mm will vignette with an N120 30 extension using the 230mm port. I ended up using the N120 20 extension and it worked well but I believe you could go to a 25 extension without vignetting because with the 30 it was not at all sever. These were taken with the 230mmm dome and 20mm extension at a site called Teardrop off Palm Beach, Florida. Female Loggerhead Sea Turtles that are resting on shallow 40-50 ft reefs after laying eggs during the night on the beach. Sony A1, Sony FE 14mm F/1.8 with Zen 230mm dome port and 20mm extension. First photo ISO-250, F/16, 1/160th, second photo ISO-320, F/14, 1/160th sec. Both shot using two Inon Z330 flashes in manual. With puravidadivers.com on the vessel Aurellia, excellent crew and boat.
  9. If you are at all nostalgic Sony has recently introduced the E-mount LA-EA5 lens adapter. This adapter allows the use of both Sony-A mount and Minolta lenses. That means it can be used with SSM and SAM lenses with full AF even the lenses that don't have a motor. This allows you to use among others the Sony 16mm F/2.8 Fisheye, the 200mm F/4 macro and many other lenses that can be found in the used market. The Sony 16 fisheye does not focus as close (21cm) as many more modern fisheyes like Canon 8-15mm at 15cm but the Sony can get the job done it you are not shooting very close CFWA. The lens also has three built in filters, A 12, O 56 and B 12. This is not a lens I would necessarily recommend it you don't intend to use the adapter with other A-mount lenses. I appears to work well in the Nauticam 140mm dome port. The LightRoom lens profiles look horrible but if unchecked the images look as shot. Lens and adapter photo.
  10. I am not a video guy but I can tell you that the FE 28mm F/2 being an older lens tracks up to 15 FPS while the 28-60 being a newer lens with the newer faster linear motor will track up to 30 FPS. This means faster and more accurate AF particularly with newer cameras like the Sony A7s III, A7C, A7R IV and A1which can do 30 FPS with electronic shutter. All of the newer Sony FE lenses going forward have this 30 FPS ability from budget to high end like the new 14mm F1.8. I have used both lenses for 1000's of images and I can assure you that the 28-60 will not disappoint paired with WWL-1B. You can also do 28mm with WWL-1B and 60mm without WWL-1b on the same dive and get these very different looks.
  11. If you are using a Nauticam extension that is adapted to your Sea & Sea housing why would you need to change the extension to Nauticam dome port end. Zen makes the 230mm dome port with a Nauticam mount, Sea & Sea mount and several more.
  12. Hay Glenn, I have done a 4800 word review in the current issue of uwpmag.com. This is a free PDF download. If you have further questions after you read the review let me know.
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