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  1. The obvious upside to this new lens is that you can zoom through to 24mm which many older compact wet lenses do not allow you to do. The lens is very low profile, works with the bayonet mounting system to move between C/U lens and wide. Unlike the larger WWL-1 the WWL-C has a built in buoyancy collar.
  2. Hi Adam, sorry to hear you will not be joining use after DEMA, I would have been happy to let you use the Sony A7R IV which has excellent auto focus particularly when shooting AF-C with Lock-on AF expanded Flexible Spot. I have used the Canon EOS R and the Nikon Z-7 and they are simply not in the same class. I agree that lack of a native fisheye is still a problem but using the Canon 8-15 with Metabones is no different than using a DSLR lens on the ESO R or Nikon Z-6/7 with an adapter.
  3. I do it all the time without a problem.
  4. Hi Jamie, I reviewed the new A6400 for uwpmag.com issue #108 May/June 2019. This can be found by going to the home page and finding back issues at the top of the page. The article is a free PDF download. The A6400 has excellent AF speed, eye AF both human and animal (which so far is not all that good for fish). Also excellent image quality for 24MP. The under $900.00 A6400 lacks the IBIS which the A6600 will have along with excellent AF and the huge upside of the newer Z battery which was left out of the 6400. This will more than double battery life. If you do macro I recommend the Zeiss 50mm macro which will also work with the Nauticam wet lens MWL-1, with theSony PZ 16-50 you can also use the Nauticam WWL-1 wet lens. Other lenses I have used and like are the Zeiss 12mm F/2.8 and the Sony 10-18 F/4 both work with the Nauticam 180mm port so that is the way to go if you like rectilinear lenses. If you want apples to apples performance wise with the D850 I am working on a review for the Sony A7R IV, excellent AF and tracking, weather sealing lots of excellent lenses, high battery life. You can quickly toggle between FF 61MP and APS-C at 26MP. This works great with lenses like the 90mm which acts as a 135mm on APS-C. Much much more, the review should be ready for the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of uwpmag.com
  5. Hello Sclarge, I sent a PM regarding one item of your equipment with no reply.
  6. I reviewed this camera in an Ikelite housing for issue #108 at uwpmag.com, free PDF download in back issue. The lenses I like most are the Sony E 10-18 zoom for wide and the Zeiss 50mm for macro. As stated above the 16-50 with a flat port and wet lens like the Nauticam WWL-1 is also an option. A very cheep solution is the Sony E 16mm with clip-on Fisheye adapter lens. The 18-135mm is an excellent above water/travel lens but not a lens that can be supported underwater. I have a like new A6400, 18-135 and awesome Zeiss 50 macro for sale, tropicalone@bellsouth.net for further information.
  7. For M43 format cameras. Nauticam N85-140mm Optical Glass Dome Port. Retail $1040.00 Nauticam Mini Extension Ring 17. Retail $210.00 Olympus M.Zuiko ED 8mm F/1.8 Pro Fisheye Lens. Retail $999.00 All three $1470.00 All items are like new in original packaging with instructions. This port also works very well with the Olympus 12mm F/2 and a Nauticam Mini 20 Extension. also selling the 12mm with optional Olympus lens hood and hard case. $575.00. Free shipping in the US. Contact direct at tropicalone@bellsouth.net
  8. The A6400 is an excellent camera and a great choice for U/W photography. Just named DPreviews best camera under $1000.00 because of its great image quality, stellar auto focus and tracking system. I reviewed the camera for issue #108 of underwater photography magazine, uwpmag.com using an Ikelite housing. The article is a free PDF download you can find in the back issues. You can PM me if you have any additional questions after reading the article.
  9. Longbord 1 please read this, several miss leading responses are made above. First the Ikelite housing for the Canon SL2 (and SL1 & SL3) supports the DLM port system not the DL port system. So all of the observations by Chris would not be relevant. Only the DL port system includes the Compact 8' port which is much different than the DLM 6" port. The DL Compact eight inch port is excellent when paired with the Canon 8-15mm Fisheye on a full frame camera, see my review of the Canon EOS R in back issue #106 of uwpmag.com. This is a free PDF download and the review was done with the Ikelite housing and Compact 8' dome. Because your camera has an APS-C and not a full frame sensor the 8-15mm zoom is a large expense unless you intend to move to full frame. The Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye zoom also has problems with zoom range and vignetting with your housing and port selection. J-S comments reference the Sigma 15mm Fisheye with the five inch Precision dome on a full frame camera. The Precision port and the Ikelite port DO NOT support the discontinued Canon 15mm fisheye because of the large difference in minimum focus distance between the two lenses. The Sigma focuses to around 6.5cm while the Canon is 20cm this makes a huge difference when focusing on the virtual image created by the port. The fact that the Canon 15mm works in your current system does not make it ideal by any means. I would be more inclined to invest in a new lens rather than a new port.
  10. My mistake on current ZEN 170mm domes the dome shade blades are removable. So if you already own that port and can remove the shade blades you would have an advantage for splits. Would not be my choice for any other full frame lens other than fisheye.
  11. Please Read because some of the information above is a bit incorrect. First the Sony A7 line of housings has an N-100 100mm port mount not N-85 so any comparisons are not valid. Using the Nauticam N100 to N120 35.5mm port adapter allows you to use N-120 ports and in the case of the Canon 8-15mm Fisheye the metabones adapter extends to the edge of the port adapter and then you use the Nauticam Canon port charts to find the extension for the 8-15 zoom. The proper extension for the 8-15 zoom is the N-120 30mm for the 18811 140mm fisheye port with removable shade and 30mm for the Nauticam fisheye port II and 30mm for the ZEN 230mm. Both have dome shades that can be removed for use at the extreme 8mm end of the lens. Be aware a 140mm port is made that does not have the removable shade. Zen also makes a 100mm with and without removable shade. The ZEN DP-100-N120-CR (For removable) would be the proper dome. The Zen 170mm and Nauticam 180mm ports ARE NOT fisheye ports and DO NOT have removable dome shades, so the 8mm end of the lens would be useless unless you crop out a good deal of the frame. I have used all three port sizes extensively and as you would expect the larger the port the better the image quality in the corners with apples to apples settings. I would agree that the 230mm dome is a bitch to travel with but I have managed to keep my carry-on roller bag to under 12kg by putting the housing without grips, lenses and bodies into my "computer" second carry-on bag. The larger upside to the Nauticam/Zen 230mm (I own the ZEN) beyond the obivious over/under upside is that the230mm port can be used with the Sony 12-24 zoom, 16-35 F/2.8 & F/4, Zeiss 18mm and more by using 20mm, 30mm and 40mm extensions.
  12. As Taxi has said the Sony FE 90mm F/2.8 is outstanding for any Sony E mount camera and on the APS-C is equal to 135mm on 35mm size sensor. I would also consider the excellent E-mount Zeiss 50mm F/2.8 macro which is made for APS-C sensor Sony cameras. I just used this lens for a review in the current issue of Underwater Photography magazine uwpmag.com with the new Sony A6400 and Ikelite housing. The Zeiss 50 macro gives a 75mm 31 degree AOV v. an 18 degree AOV with the 90mm. Bot angles of view are very useful for macro with the 90mm being better for super macro with add-on closeup lenses. The auto focus on the A6400 is way ahead of A6300/A6500 in speed and accuracy for both lenses.
  13. Answer to World.explorer questions. Going to the back issues in uwpmag.com again, a free PDF download I have the following reviews. Issue #64 Pana 8mm N-4.33, #77 EM-1 review with P-8mm and Zen 100, #93 Canon 8-15mm with Zen-100 and #97 Oly-8mm with N-140. The reason I prefer the Nauticam 4.33 and 140mm for the 8mm's (P & O) is because they also work very well with the outstanding Olympus 12mm F/2 a favorite lens of mine for models and candid portraiture. I have attached two photos using the 12mm.
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