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  1. .. for some reason the viewfinder on my D70 keeps getting smaller... has nothing to do with age and staring at the computer....


    Some comments about alcohol and tunnelvision are quit obvious now...... :)


    Love to see an article indeed, although I haven't heard a thing that Ike is designing a viewfinder.

  2. I am using my two SS100A's with my D70, works great. No (i)TTL though, but who needs that.


    The modifications are that you probably have to cut some wires from the synccable in the housing, so that the camera doesn't see the strobes anymore and only the "ground"(black) and "trigger"(white) wires are connected. (see: http://www.ikelite.com/faq/faq_syncwiring.html)

    The only strobesettings are now Full and Half since these are the only options availible on the strobes.


    To have more controll you can install the eTTL-convertor (I did) from Matthias: http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/inde...?itz/ittl_e.htm


    Still no full (i)TTL-control, but at least you have more powersettings, you can control the strobepower in-camera from -3 ev to 0 in steps of 1/3 ev


    For more info about the convertor you can email Matthias directly.


    This setup works so good for me that I see reason to buy other strobes. In fact, when I heard that the SS100A's are no longer produced, I bought a secondhanded 100A as a spare.

  3. Hi Merlinos,


    I really love your pic. It shows that you don't have to photograph extraordinary subjects to be a winner. This picture is all about subtle lighting and composition.


    Could you tell us a bit more bout the location, settings, hardware etc.

  4. what kind of diver wears fins that aren't full foot?


    first sign of a non pro.....


    Slide-in finns aren't pro :D ?? Than I am definately an absolute beginner. I imediately throw away mine.

    This means I have to climb the Dutch dikes barefooted from now. This will end up in broken toes, awfull scars, and really cold dives (I have to cut the shoes off my drysuit).

    BUT at least I am on the Pro-route again.




  5. Workaround: Shoot vertical, this way you eliminate the hotspots of both strobes.

    Always use the diffusers, make your own if the standard diffusers are not wide enough (white plastic cups made from milkbottles)

    Play with the strobes: Main strobe close and pointed out, the other from far pointed in.

    Accept some backscatter and deal with it in PS


    This way you can get really close: (not a superb pic, but indicates how close you can get)


  6. I always carry a small solder-iron with me on a trip. During the last trip I was able to revive a synccord (mine) and a strobe (not mine) this way.


    Until now I never took a spare body with me. On the next trip I will take a spare D70, they become so cheap right now.

  7. Many have a love/hate relationship with the 10,5. Once you understand eachother, the most beautiful results will come out. It took me at least a year before we understood eachother. Especially in not so clear water it is hard to light the subject.


    The first one is best I think, although not verry exciting.

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