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  1. Sounds great. Now we just need iTTL and we'll be delighted.
  2. Hi everyone Just a note to suggest that we all try to be as careful as possible when diving and taking pictures. This scientific study indicates that photographers contribute to around four times :!: the amount of damage to the reef when compared to non-photographers. :? Hopefully we can all consider this and be as careful as possible.
  3. Hi Gurus! I'm trying to wade my way through specifications and recommendations. :? I have a collection of Nikon film equipment (F80, 18-35, 105 macro) and would like to get a Nikon D70 some day. At the moment I'm planning on getting a F80/N80 housing/port (probably Ikelite at this stage) and also a strobe. I was wondering about the kit that B&H offer (IKS5067288) with a Ikelite 3968.43 Substrobe 50 (Orange) Photocase Kit with #6728.8 Housing for Nikon F80 for a little over US$1000. Or, would an Ike DS50 be a good choice for future compatibility with a D70, or would you recommend something different. I'm very confused... :roll: I would prefer to buy from Melbourne, Australia, but I'm not I could approach the prices offered in NY. What is local Ikelite support like? I would like to get a D70 right now, but my girlfriend tells me that good things only come to people who wait I'm open to any suggestions people have. Thanks very much for your help.
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