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  1. Hi Guys: I have ordered two Subtronic Nova's on the 19th July.....was told by the spanish dealer it would take from 3 to 4 weeks to deliver...... I pre-paid 40% of my order. Called them last week (4 weeks after payment) to ask how was everthing going on....... and I was told that my Nova's would not be ready until the end of the year!!!! I've sold the flashes that I was using....so right now I've got no lighting.....and things look like there is going to be no solution until end of the year. So watch out if you order from Subronic....... 3 -4 week promises that end up in >5 month waiting list with 40% pre-payment....... Rgds S.Franklin
  2. Onokai......FF Extras in Tan Delta Material are about 2,5 Kg, in black polyurethane something arroung 2 Kg. Both are aprox. 10% negative. I would sugest to also try out the Force Fin Pro's they are the same shape/size as the Original's but with extra stiffnes and rebound. I find that they are powerfull enough in currents and great for everday work, plus as mentioned by other members easier to walk in, far more maneuverable in tight spots.
  3. For sale: Subal SN strobe housing for SB800 strobes. Included Nikon 5-pin cable Full TTL-mode with the digital SLR-cameras from Nikon Access to all essential functions by push buttons. Wanted: 350€ Rgds S.Franklin sfranklin@freeshark.es
  4. Looks like a some kind Pyrosoma. These strange drifting creatures look gelatinous but are actually rigid and surprisingly hard to the touch. They are not one animal but a colony of hundreds of tiny tunicates that form a tube, closed at one end and open at the other. The tube is covered with short, slender, pointed projections (papillae) and if you look closely, a tiny reddish organ is visible inside the translucent body of each of the little tunicates. S.Franklin
  5. Hi Ana: Thank you for your coments. The Sharpnose Puffer (Gallinita) is reflected in a bubble of air trapped under a rock ledge .... all the rest was a matter of patience and a bit a good luck. Why didn't you enter the competition? Seen your photos and you would have had great chances. You can see results of the "Semana Digital" competition at www.fotosubtenerife.com Missed out on the sea horse you spotted at Punta Prieta....went up there but weather was terrible that week so I had to change to west coast of the island. Thanks again S.Franklin
  6. Hi Guys: Just started to setup my new photo website. www.freeshark.com/fotosub Only got a few photos from Tenerife yet....but more will follow soon. Would greatly appreciate some criticism for my photos. Thanks to all S.Franklin www.freeshark.com/fotosub
  7. Bienvenida abordo Ana He visto fotos tuyas en otros foros. Algunas hechas en Punta Prieta creo recordar. Me llamo mucha la atención la calidad de las mismas teniendo en cuenta los medios que usas..... enhorabuena. Saludos de otro chicharrero
  8. Thanks Ryan Will the Nikkor 12-24 go with the SWB dome? If so with what extension rings?
  9. Hi Guys: I was thinking of buying a Sigma 12-24 Lense for my Nikon D70 + Subal housing. Could anyone provide some feedback about using this lense with the Subal SWB dome port. Thanks
  10. Hi James.... could you PM me with a price for your Subal flash housing Thanks
  11. Moving back to the original thread..... I've been told by a Subal distributor that with Dual Synch sockets you can't connect two non-TTL flashes only two i-TTL flashes or only one non-TTL Flash Does anyone know if this is correct???
  12. Check out Tom Hogar's review at http://www.bythom.com/D70REVIEW.HTM The D100 has an older style 10-sensor matrix meter while the D70 uses the D1’s 1005-element color matrix meter. The D70's metering is more accurate and more able to take into account subtle issues.
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