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  1. Here's the one I use... http://www.lowepro.com/pages/series/trekki...ing/trimtrk.htm
  2. I pack... PT-10 housing with Oly C-4040 FishEye tray and extra lengths of arm YSDx90 strobe, cable and diffuser battery charger and 5 sets of batteries Nikon CP880 camera with battery charger SS WAL L lens and a small Tupperwear container with all cleaning supplies, grease and memory cards. It's a tight fit but all camera gear goes in it and is my carry-on....nothing needs to be checked.
  3. Used it for the first time last weekend....I love it! No distortion on the edges that I could see. The close up WA shots are great and as easy as the WA ones...just remember to adjust your strobe power when switching back and forth! Best new toy I've had in a long time
  4. I'm gonna be a little more careful poking around for those macro shots! Hope everything works out for ya...
  5. First use of the C-4040 in the pool and my arms weren't long enough. Since my dive watch had recently gotten a little blurry too, I upgraded my RX mask to include bi-focals. Took a bit to get used to but now I don't dive without it...camera or not.
  6. ..and not an aiming light, you might try one of the Princeton Tec headlights. I use one at night to free up my hands. The 'head' of the light is adjustable up and down so you can position it not to shine in your buddies face . The elastic headband contraption is adjustable and really pretty comfortable. I wear my mask over it. Works for me.
  7. 1) Are you talking about the diffuser over the internal flash? Haven't noticed any light bleed from it. 2) I've never had the velcro come loose, so far. It seems very secure but then again, you have many more dives on yours than I do. Maybe it's a durability issue. guess I wasn't much help, huh?
  8. My guess is it's a brand new S&S product that's being introduced to Japan only.
  9. Don...ImageStation caught on that so many folks were linking to individual photos so they eliminated the ability to do so. I haven't found a free site that will let you do it. I currently have photos on Yahoo Roatan 2002 - Digital
  10. I just got back from Roatan where I had my C-4040/PT-010 as deep as 120ft several times. The very first time was totally by accident, not being used to a depth restriction I never even thought about it. At around 100ft, I heard and felt a light popping from the case. I really dreaded taking a look at it! But all was well. On following dives to those depths, there were no sounds or vibrations felt. All buttons were functional and photos turned out great. I have no intention to consistantly break the depth rating for the PT-010, it's nice to know that we both won't explode below 98ft! Dee
  11. I want to know, too. I haven't seen the S&S lenses yet but with my past experience with S&S, I'm very interested.
  12. I got my PT-10 from Japan Direct and ordered an extra O-ring at the same time. You might check out http://www.underwaterdigital.net/
  13. I use a MAHA C-204F sharger and 1800 MaH batteries. Here's a good link for batteries/chargers... http://www.cliffshade.com/dpfwiw/batteries.htm
  14. How cool! You can see the photographers reflected in his eye!
  15. I also had a S&S MMII with those blasted Sea Arms and hated them. You could move them up and down, if you had enough hands but that was it. At SeaSpace in Houston a couple of years ago, I saw some Infinity arm at the Light and Motions booth. 18 inchs of bead-like sections that you could move anywhere. Yep, the same Loc-lin connectors that Marks photo shows only they were black. The old MMII now has a new home and I kept the flexible arms with the hope of using them somehow with the digital. Wanting to keep a small package, I recently purchased a Fisheye tray which comes with a short, 6 Loc-line arm. I plan to extend that with some of the Loc-line connectors I already have. After I actually use it, I'll have a better idea of how much extension to use but hey....I've got almost a yard of the stuff!
  16. Only snorkeling a few days over the next few years? Cheaper than the EWA? Only need the shutter, macro and zoom buttons? And you want really cheap? The only thing that comes to mind that fills your requirements is a Ziplockā„¢ baggie! For extra protection, double bag it. And don't forget the rubber band around the lens. Seriously, I doubt you'll find what you describe. If you want a digitals photo quality, you're gonna have to spend some money for it. Or stick to the cheap disposable cameras rated to 15 ft. Dee [Edited on 2-6-2002 by Dee]
  17. James...I would be interested in an online class. Your subject module suggestions sound like what I need. I'm just starting with digital and won't be able to use it underwater more than 2-3 times this year, unless the vis gets alot better in Lake Travis! I think my next biggest hurdle is file storage and management. What to do with all these images and how to find what I want later. I'd really like a class to learn PhotoShop LE that came with my camera. A very basic 1-2-3 primer and tutorial. Then homework assignment for something to practice on. I've been trying to figure out how to use the stamp tool to clone out some backscatter but I'm just not gettin it! The help files are almost useless. I keep going back to my old PhotoDeluxe program. I learned to understand alot about photography, especially some of the techinal stuff, from Dave Read's site. It's very easy to understand. Anyway...I'm very interested in whatever you come up with.
  18. Mar Scuba has a good one online with pictures and everything! Seriously, it was all I needed to get mine started. Click here - Mar Scuba PT-xxx case instructions Dee [Edited on 1-27-2002 by Dee]
  19. James...I see that too. Don't know why, the site is up and running although it was down a while yesterday. When I posted the pics, they were showing just fine. Mmmmm..... Mike...I used to use the same procedure to post from PhotoPoint but it did but thaeir little banner on the pics.
  20. I'm a newbie myself but there's some good info out there. I know nothing about the Epoque. I have the Oly C-4040 and a PT-10 housing. I have about $900 invested in the camera and housing. I'll add a strobe after I've had a bit of experience with the camera itself underwater. The advantage of using the set-up without an external strobe was a big selling point for me. The only thing I would change with the PT-10 is the depth limitation but I'm willing to work around that. You might want to look at the Light and Motion Tetra housing for greater depth but you have to have a strobe. Some links that might help... http://www.marscuba.com/uwdigital.html http://www.steves-digicams.com/Forums/view...m=58&Topic=7445 Digital Photography - FWIW Dee
  21. I've been hearing about this program. Guess I better check it out if it'll help me learn this stuff a bit easier! Thanks James!
  22. Yes, you can post individual pics. Get the photo you want to post on the screen, then click on it again to get to the original picture. Copy the location in the subject line. You know you have the picture when the last of the address is "*....jpg.orig.jpg To post it here, just above this window there is a row of buttons. click on the one with the mountain (7th). Then paste the address in that window. That will give you this....
  23. Imagestation has been working for me lately. http://www.imagestation.com/
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