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  1. I can get a sync speed greather than 1/500th with my D-70 ? How ?
  2. Guys, doing you see he's sh**ing us ? no way these pictures were taken U/W where are all the backscratters ???
  3. oh, and dont forget to order a tray (if you need one).
  4. From B&H: Ikelite 3944.57 SubStrobe DS-50 Digital Package with Exposure Value Manual Controller and Deluxe Ball Socket Strobe Arm - Rated up to 300' Mfr# 394457 • B&H# IK3944.57 Notice - this is the delux package. I bet they also have the regualr package (i would go for the delux anyway)
  5. any chance for a bigger viewfinder on the D70s ? :-P
  6. Damn.... my DS-50 is too old for iTTL/eTTL (63,746... so close, but yet, so far). I guess i'll leave it working with the manual controller. However, my DS-125's SN is 5024. Does it means it will operate with the conversion circuitry as is ? Can you provide some more information about the conversion circuitry controls ? is it the same as the eTTL controls ?
  7. Marc, take a look at this site iTTL converter . This guy offers a iTTL converter as an OEM module. Ike's iTTL converter should work better with the DS-125s you want though .
  8. summer break start in mid-june (university undergraduate )... i've got a 1-2 weeks of diving planned. Wonder when i should order the housing... Are you making any "old" D-70 housings during this time ? i saw that B&H is out of stock. TTL is not that important to me (it's a nice to have) i've been using manual for almost two years. just wanna see what my options are :-) anyway, good luck with the delivery date
  9. Look what i just found on B&H - "Ikelite 6807.1 TTL HOUSING f/NIKON D-70" "Availability: Accepting Orders" Costs more than the non-TTL version though : "Our Price: $ 1,269.95" Ike, got any news for us ?
  10. How did you flood your DS-50 ? mine survived two floods. The first time i forgot to put batteries and left the battery compartment half open (and i dived down to 30 meters...). When i came back and found out that it was flooded, i rinsed it in fresh water and left it to dry. The second time a few drops of salt water leaked inside the battery compartment and cause the batteries to leak (not a pretty sight). i decdied that the best way to wash all the bubling stuff was to rinse it again in fresh water
  11. focusing beyond 18" ??? that would have to be a really big nudibranch
  12. I didnt know it fits ikelite's flat port. Interesting. I think i'll first try the 4T. According to Karl's experience it sounds like it should work, and it should get the best results (optically). I might try the wet lens later on (i guess that sometimes you dont neet extra magnification the 4T gives you). Ummm... i wonder what i'll get with a 4T AND a wet lens on. :-D
  13. Interesting. Can anyone explain the difference (in photo quality) between a single element and a multielement diopter ? Ryan, do you know of any +4 diopter that fit inside the port ? (which brand?). Thanks.
  14. Did you try a 3T ? do u know if it's smaller ? or you decided to go for the 4T and get maximum magnification ?
  15. Hi guys, I'm finally ordering a Nikkor 105mm lens from B&H. Does anyone own a D70 in an ikelite housing, and use the autofocus/manual focus flat port (#5508.05) with a close up lens on the 105mm lens ? I'm looking for something that will be slim enough to fit inside the port. Thanks, Oren
  16. Check this out guys : http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/ittle.htm I bet that ike's iTTL support will be ready soon too
  17. Thanks guys, you helped. a lot. I think it's finally time to order the macro lens. Since i don't do that much diving when i study (uni...) i think i'll wait a bit more before ordering the housing. Maybe i'll be lucky enough to get an Ikelite housing with a iTTL convertor for the D70 not that i don't like shooting manual (i really do), but i do get lazy sometimes (especially when diving in a large group) and i want to be able to shoot with TTL.
  18. Nice !!! It's a pitty that ikelite don't have this magnified eyepiece. How much does it cost anyway ? (housing and eyepiece)
  19. Yes, barely.... Alex.....do you still use "C" focus instead of "S"? Karl Oops, i ment a +4 diopter. And when u say "barely", is it a "Yes" or "no" ? do i need to get a "slim" diopter ? Also, what's wrong with using AF-C ? it's the object is moving, why not use it ?
  20. Don't worry, i'm planning to use the AF a lot, it's just that i want to be able to use manual when it's needed. Last weekend, during a night dive i tried to focus on an whiteish-half-transperent nudibranch/slug that was lying on a neon-green sea-grass. I was using my Oly C4000, and as you can probably guess the camera didnt really wanted to focus on the slug (got some nice sharp photo of the sea grass though... :x ). Actually, with all those tiny nudibranch i saw on that weekend (most of them were 0.5-2 cm long), really small frogfish (1 cm long, black) and a tiny squid (2 cm, i think) , i think that neptun was trying to tell me that it's time to get a good macro lens and hosuing for my D-70... I just remembered that i got another ikelite/macro question - is there enough room in the 105mm flat port for a +3 diopter ?
  21. Hi, A few months ago i purchased a Nikon D-70 camera, planning to use it mainly for macro photography (right now i'm about to order the 105mm lens). Lately i started to think that i might have made a mistake. After using the camera myself for a while i can say that it's view finder is smaller than the viewfinders on other dSLRS which is not a big problem whens shooting above the water. The problem starts when shoots U/W. I'm planning to buy the an Ikelite housing, and ikelite only povides the regular viewfinder magnifier, which might be a bit small (other companies offer those cool, huge, expansive :? ,magnifiers). Does anyone here on the forum uses an Ikelite D-70 housing for shooting macro using MANUAL focus ? is the viewfinder big enough ? Thanks, Oren
  22. grrr... you're not making it easier I'm afraid that i'll stop using the 60mm after getting the 105mm... and then why buying the 60mm ? :? Anyway, i think i got all the information i needed. And now i'm even more confused Thanks guys, you've been very helpfull. P.S. Alto - do you think we get Biko to let us try his 105mm+dome with your D70 set ?
  23. Same here Arnon I decided it's a good time to start writing here (asking questions so far... give me a few months and i might be able to answer a question or two). Me and a few other "Tapuz" forum members are trying to get a discount for 4-5 sets of D-70 cameras. Hope it'll work out. If we get a good price i might buy the macro lens+kit.
  24. As far as i know Israel isn't one of your states (yet?), so no rebate for me I think i'll go for the 60mm, and maybe get a 105mm later on. From what i see here most of you guys have both (or will soon) I guess there's a good reason for that.
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