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  1. Hi Jim and Mark, I so much appreciate your generosity, time, experience and opinions. I think the Zen 170 mm dome is pretty new, I also didn't find out much about it on their site - it was recommmended as a possibly good fit considering all the things you mentioned above - cost, but even more than that, the drag while kicking against currents, distant sites, etc., and also, the travel problems associated with a DSLR, housing, camera, 2 lenses, 2 ports, 2 strobes and all the accompanying arms, cords, light, batteries, chargers, plus dive gear. It is a glass port, so that's nice, and it will be mated with a 40 mm extension ring - the research that Reef Photo did indicated the corners would be sharp but might need a diopter for CFWA - I'm going to give it a try. The trouble with my Sea & Sea port is that it required both an adaptor and an extension, so the two rings were problematic for me to get apart (I'm not Mr. Atlas!). I'd love to still be able to do over/unders, but if that's the price for this "mini-dome", OK, I'll live with it. I'm diving the SoCal oil rigs this weekend with the combo, so I'll let you know what I think! I used the Nauticam with macro this weekend shore diving at Catalina Island and really really liked both the housing and the 60mm port - crisp, sharp shots, some at minimum focusing distance, the "eye" of a giant kelpfish in perfect focus, e.g. Hats off to you! Erin
  2. I've just switched from a D60 in a Sea&Sea RDX housing, using Nikkor 10-24 mm lens in a compact glass dome port; it's not mating well with my new Nauticam D7000 housing and since I travel a lot, want to keep the port smallish - I have a suggestion of a Zen 170 mm "mini dome" with a Nauticam 50 mm extension ring - comments, experience, advice? I do shoot big and close as often as I can: humpbacks, whale sharks, dolphins, giant mantas and up coming great white shoot - thanks very, very much in advance!
  3. I am completely blown away by the WDHOF mention! How did you know?! Thanks for all the info on Inon, etc. alternatives, I'm checking into it on Monday. Here's to you, Erin
  4. Hi All, I'm a Southern California retired professional diver with 5000+ dives, ex-instructor, writer & photographer just starting to take u/w photos again. I'm using a Nikon D60 in a Sea & Sea RDX housing with Nikkor 60 mm micro lens and flat port, plus Nikkor 10-24 wide angle zoom and dome port, twin Sea & Sea YS-110's. I've used it underwater about 25 hours, but it still takes me awhile to put the rig together, etc. On my most recent diving day I discovered, in the water at depth that the camera wouldn't fire because I'd left the lens cap on! I'm shooting manually, having some OK results even in poor vis, but looking forward to spending lots more time in the water. I'm finding the learning curve from manual film shooting to manual digital shooting to be longer than I'd hoped, and I'm not even at the editing stage yet. I'm looking for ways to see better, so I'm hoping for information on viewfinders I might be able to use on the Sea & Sea RDX housing; have a trip to Socorro planned and want to maximize the gear I'm using right now without bearing the expense burden of upgrading yet. I haven't gotten good enough to challenge this equipment - this photographer needs to get better before she gets a better camera.
  5. Just back from 5 days diving (10 dives) Cabo Pulmo, Baja, at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort: vis poor, 20-30 feet, lots of krill in the water but I didn't see any big filter feeders, e.g. whale sharks, mantas, etc., but lots of fish, water cold 62-68 F, suggest 1-layer 7mm suit with unattached hood. I want to go back, though.
  6. I'm an oldtime diver just converted in January from u/w film to digital SLR (Nikon D60 in Sea & Sea RDX housing,) this is concerning using Nikkor 10-24 mm lens and dome port - I'd like an easier way to view scene than the built-in viewfinder - looking at the Sea & Sea site, see 3 optical viewfinders (.8x, .66x, .5x) - don't know if any would be helpful and if so, which? I have pretty good vision otherwise. I am accustomed to the Nikonas 15mm viewfinder, so any comparisons to this would be really informative to me. I'm not even sure any of these would mount to a RDX housing - anybody know?
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