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  1. Hi All, I have a G11 and an Ikelite DS51 substrobe and my Canon WP-DC34 case is about to retire. What are my best options for an underwater housing options? Or I am stuck with Canon and Ikelite? Thanks.
  2. thanks for the tips... what example of manual cameras would you suggest? i havent tried the camera underwater yet... i've been practicing in the pool and it works well... i will try to go snorkel this weekend and see how it is...
  3. Thanks for the responses guys.. it is very helpful... we will be visiting family in singapore sometimes around end of july-early august.
  4. Hello fellow divers, Me and my wife are planning to go to singapore this summer. Any ideas for a good spot? Thanks.
  5. I just got a canon 780IS and I am about to but the Ikelite underwater case. Any feedback on this camera for snorkelling and scuba? Thanks.
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