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  1. Has anyone had any experiance using this underwater scooter? I do a lot of drift diving and I thought this might be a good thing since it's hands free. (also looks like fun) http://www.aquadyn.com/
  2. I have not been able to find out what this setting does. I looked at the nikon site and in my book. Under the monitor options (in the menu) it says Shutter Release Speed, then you have the option for normal and quick response. Can anyone tell me what that is? ( I have updated the firmware to 1.7) By the way, I am taking it to Papua New Guinea on Thursday. Thanks
  3. I got op water certified on grand cayman on my first honeymoon. That marriage lasted 6 months. My second honeymoon, was in palau, yap and Truk Lagoon. That marriage is going on 10 years now. I am heading to Papau New guinea for a liveaboard in June but I dont plan on bringing a new wife. Based on that logic, I would recommend Palau. A year later my wife and I did do a live aboard in the red sea in July and it was fantastic. I dont think I would travel to that part of the world now.
  4. What is the best place you guys have found to buy cards from? Since I shoot in JPEG I dont really need a big card. 256 to 512 should do. That will give me at least 100 shots per dive on my cp5000. I cant really shoot more than that anyway.
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [i just acquired 3 different Domes to evacuate] Boy Marc, evacuating dome ports has got to hurt! LOL
  6. I believe he was focused on the occasional diver. I think that he also sees the advancements in digital photography coming so fast that it doesn't pay to buy one along with housing and all the accesories if you only use it once a year. Since it will be outdated after a few uses. - Unlike film cameras which I guess have come as far as they can! I cant see anyone buying a new film camera now (unless you are a pro and take pictures for a living), much less five years from now.
  7. you can try this http://www.ephotozine.com/techniquecontent.htm
  8. Richard, I was probably going to do that but I thought if I put in a litte more research I would make a better guess the first time. I didnt want the hassle of returning it but I am certainly willing to.
  9. I am using win 98 on my laptop which I did the update from. I installed the drivers from the nikon disc that was included with the camera, did the usb update and it still could not see the camera when I tried to do the update. Even though it was able to see the camera's cf card as another drive. All I had to do was restart the computer and then plug in the camera to the usb port and it worked fine.
  10. I am close to a decision. I am leaning towards the lowepro road runner mini as opposed to the regular lowepro road runner. In looking at the picture I see a place for the camera and lenses etc. and I see some room on the lid for personal stuff. Is there a place behind (or under) the camera gear to place more items. In other words it that just a top layer? Here is a photo http://www.lowepro.com/images/ppages/bag_p...20mini%20aw.jpg The way it looks here, it doesnt seem like I would have room for my Ikelite 6190 housing (cp5000). Or if I didn put it in, it would practically take up the whole thing. The picture that lowepro has or the regular road runner is very tough to see what it can do. Is what this guy has on his back a detachable part? http://www.lowepro.com/images/PPages/Bag_p...20on%20back.jpg If anyone knows of good pics please let me know where to look. Sorry to be asking so many questions about this, its just that there is no way for me to actually look at them to compare in person. The nearest store to me that may or may not have them in stock is in Orlando, about 3.5 hours drive.
  11. A couple of weeks ago I was asking about my ttl on my cp5000 housing and ds125 strobe. Several kind souls on this board responded to me to help me test it the ttl. I could not get it to work. I called ikelite. Spoke to several people there including Ike. Their support was absolutely amazing. They were all over me! Roger helped me test my system and we determined that it was not functioning properly. I sent it to them. They called me, sent me emails responses right away. They fixed the problem ( a broken wire in the housing back to the hotshoe connection) and sent it back in one day. Even though I told them that is was not a rush and I did not have any trips planned. I can honestly say that I cant recall a time that I had better customer service from anyone. Good Job Ikelite!!
  12. Boy, it can be very hard to tell what to get without seeing it. There is no place down here besides Ritz camera that carries lowepro backpacks. They only had one it stock. Do you think that the Lowepro road runner mini would be large enough to hold: nikon cp5000 19mm lens DS125 strobe (and arm) Ikelite 6190 housing Laptop computer dome port Dive mask Regulators change of light wieght clothes small toiletry bag. That is generally what I like to carry on with me. It looks like the regular size Road Runner may be too large to carry on.
  13. I just got my new DS125 strobe and I took my camera into my pool last night (nikon cp500 - #6190 housing and ds125 strobe - sync cord) I was shooting macro and everything was completely over exposed. I am wondering if the ttl is working and if the stobe is functioning properly. I shot on aperture priority mostly with the highest f stop -f8. I varied the shutter speed all the way to 1/2000 and it was still over exposed. I move the flash to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and got the same results even at shutter speed 1/2000. I also changed the variable power on the speedlitght output on the camera to all extremes. Same with the EV control. What is the proper way to test this (on land) to make sure that the strobe is functioning properly?
  14. What did you use to build your site? btw your link on the news page to Email webmaster is set to email within the archives folder and therefore will not work. Nice design work.
  15. Thanks for sharing your site with us. I love it and sent a link to a couple of my friends. Sometimes when I see photos like that I dont know whether to throw my camera out or get more inspired. I get that same feeling when I hear a great guitarist. I am a decent photographer and a decent guitarist but you are an excellent photographer. Please tell me that you are not a musician also!
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