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  1. Hi! I am going to dive in South Africa mid-October. A few days in both Protea banks and Aliwal shoal. My gear is an olympus OMD. Should I plan to use a fisheye or a 14mm? Are the sharks coming close enough for me to use a strobe (I got a pair of Inon z240)? I remember a trip to French Polynesia where the sharks kept their distances (I don't dive with a rebreather). I got a bit frustrated by the fisheye there.... Thanks for your advice!
  2. Dear All, Both the Dome port and the Macro port have been sold. The SB105 has also been sold. Still to sale: 1. Tokina 10-17mm fisheye Nikon mount with the Aquatica zoom gear for 300 2. Nikon 60mm AF-S for 300 3. The Aquatica housing A70 with the D70, handles, manual, 1" ball strobe adapters for 150. I will ship anywhere, shipment cost to add. Paypal is the preferred payment option. Best regards, Axel
  3. Hi! I am selling my Aquatica A70 system. I am upgrading to the mirrorless OM-D system. I used the Aquatica for 7 years (bought in Sept 2005, altough the Macro port is more recent). All in great condition. Shipping cost will be in addition depending on the destination (I will send from the UK or from the US end of May) and depending on the number of articles you are interested in. I am happy to sell these items separately. Preferred payment method is Paypal. Housing and camera Aquatica A70, handles are included as well as the TLC adapter (1'' ball, no o-ring), manual, and o-ring of course. Nikon D70, with spare battery and charger. Price for the housing and camera : 150€ Ports Aquatica 8'' Dome Port #18405, shade included, neoprene cover (one for the dome, one when the shade is mounted on the dome) in original box. I have a 16mm extension ring that I can include with the port. Price for the Dome Port : 150€ Aquatica Macro Port #18428, neoprene cover, in orginal box Price for the Macro Port : 200€ Strobe SB105, used, good condition (I bought this one second hand). Works in manuel and slave, not sure in TTL Comes with a TLC adapter (1'' ball, no o-ring) and a sync cord Price : 50€ Lenses Tokina 10-17mm. Excellent condition. Some tiny wear signs on the zoom ring, due to the zoom gear. Comes with the Aquatica zoom gear. Price 300€ Nikon 60mm AF-S macro lens, in perfect condition. Price 300€ Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions / need more photos.
  4. Has anyone tried the 14mm Panasonic f2.5 lens? I saw the images from Alex with a 17mm in the 4‘‘ dome in Grand Cayman which were impressive but saw nothing in this thread about the 14mm lens. Nauticam seems to advise the 3.5 wide angle port for the 14mm.
  5. Thanks ! I use the Tokina 10-17. I got a bit frustrated with it recently in Polynesia as I was not able to get close enough for the sharks to fill the frame... Next time I go for the sharks I will try the Nikon 10-24 (or stop breathing...)
  6. I have not invested in the macro port yet. So I take all my photos with an 8'' Dome. I am happy with the result with the 60mm Nikon. Although the dome shade helps a lot not to scratch the dome... You can see a few results on my website celiaxel.eu, in particular the photos taken in Sipadan.
  7. Thanks for your replies ! My intent was to dive next May with TSD. Andrea did confirm the ban on the strobes. As you mention, the light is pretty low in the morning and as I will use a D70 (which I don't believe is really good at high ISO...), that will be kind of challenge ! Do you have any samples in the galleries of successfull shots there ?
  8. Hi ! Given the strobes are forbidden and the low light conditions in early mornings in Malapascua, what lense would you recommend to shoot the thresher sharks ? Will they usually come close enough to use the Tokina 10-17 FE? Or should I best take a fixed focal lense with wide aperture such as the 35mm 1.8 (using a DX camera) ? Thanks, Axel
  9. Many thanks for your help ! I just bought the latest edition of the Underwater Photographer from Martin Edge, there are very interesting tips also on that subject.
  10. Ability to shoot in RAW is essential to me in order to adjust the white balance after the dive. Even a specific underwater white balance mode will not replace manual adjusting.
  11. Hi ! I was wondering about your prefered mode for shooting moving subjects such as sharks, turtles, dolphins... - Do you prefer fully manual M mode ? - Or a semi-automatic A mode to automatically adjust to the background light, in case there is a lot of light variation (the subject passes over the diver, close to the sun light). I use a Nikon D70 with the Tokina Fisheye. I keep my SB-105 strobes on Manual setting (actually, no choice as TTL is not working ), adjust the forground by setting manually the aperture, but get caught by the background which can change fast if the subject is passing above the camera. Any thoughts ? Thanks !
  12. I don't know about the Nikon 12-24 or the 10-24 underwater. I use the Tokina 10-17 fisheye which is pretty popular for W/A. I get a bit frustrated by the fact it is sometimes too wide... Sharks, for example, seem quite shy in Polynesia and it is difficult to get closer than 2m. For these kind of situations, I would like to try the Nikon 18-55 underwater, which seems quite close in terms of performance to the Sigma 17-70 Macro. It is cheap and with the 55-200 will cover a lot of your needs above water as well.
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