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  1. Still available and price drop to $1200 USD. This includes 2 lights and 2 canisters. Shipping free in US and Canada. Shipping at cost for worldwide. Thanks Andy
  2. Excellent condition. Only used in fresh water. Both battery packs are in excellent condition. Dual 50W HID video lights. 5000 Lumens Each with own 10AH battery pack (EO connector) and single charger. Excellent condition. $1400 USD Will ship worldwide at cost. Free shipping in US and Canada . PM me if interested or email at andy@bottomtimediving.com
  3. still available...lots of interest...willing to part out at the right price. Thanks.
  4. For sale is my Canon 7D setup. Includes the following: Aquatica A7D housing (optical strobe connectors) with 3rd party electronic leak detection Aquatica Aquaview viewfinder Aquatica 8 inch acrylic dome with shade and cover Zoom gear for Tokina 11-16 (included) Port extension for Tokina 11-16 (included) Canon 7D body with 2 batteries and charger Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens Everything is well taken care of and used in freshwater (one trip in saltwater). This setup is complete except for strobes or video lights. Low shutter count on camera as it was only used in the housing. Would like to sell everything as a package for $3800CDN which at today's exchange rate works out to approx $2850USD. I will consider selling items separately depending on the items. Will ship at buyers cost. I am located in Canada. Near upstate New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal. I will be at Beneath the Sea show in March for any local deals. Thanks Andy
  5. Still Looking .... If you have an A6000 housing or complete system please let me know. Also interested in other mirrorless systems (GH4, A6300, A7, etc). Thanks Andy
  6. Looking for a housing for a A6000. Would still be interested in a complete mirrorless system if you have it. Ideally would like a A6000 housing and ports.... Thanks Andy
  7. Looking for a housing for a Sony A6000. Also interested in dome ports, gears, extension rings....etc. Thanks Andy
  8. Still available and in mint condition (used only once). I am willing to pay shipping in North America and also help in the cost of shipping worldwide. Thanks Andy
  9. Still available. New price. $150 each or $250 for the pair (plus cost of shipping). Thanks Andy
  10. Here a quick pic of the lights. The have a mount for arms to be attached. Also, both come with diffusers. Andy
  11. Still available . $150.00 each . Thanks Andy
  12. This is a brand new system and was used on one dive last week. Works perfectly when communicating with another OTS system. Need to let it go in order to fund some other more needed equipment. Aquacom SSB-2010,4 channel transceiver (5 watts output power) The Aquacom® SSB-2010 transceiver is a 5 watt, multichannel single sideband underwater telephone designed with Professional Search & Rescue Teams in mind. The Aquacom® SSB-2010 can be configured to operate with virtually any style full face mask (FFM) or mouth mask. With the addition of a CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit, the Aquacom® SSB-2010 is easily converted into a portable surface station. Standard features are: Voice Operated Transmitter (VOX), Push-to-talk control (PTT), Squelch, 4 channels, Earphone volumes, Voice menu (the user can adjust the SSB-2010 underwater via the voice menu), removable transducer, and heavy duty design. $1165.00USD CDK-6 Surface Conversion Kit The CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit is designed to convert an SSB-2010, SSB-2001B-2, or SSB-1001B into a portable surface station. After a quick and easy installation, you can talk to other divers and/or surface stations within range and on the same channel. The Kit consists of a deluxe headset with boom microphone (THB-13) with a built in Push-to-talk (PTT) control, and a 55' transducer cable (TC-35S) including connectors. Once installation has been completed, you may control the dive unit via the PTT control and may modify your settings for VOX/PTT mode, squelch, earphone volume, and channel. $649.00 The SSB-2010 usually sells for $1165.00 USD The CDK-6 kit usually sells for $649.00 USD Total $1814.00 for the package. I am willing to let it go for $1500.00 USD. PM me if you are interested. Picture can be seen here.
  13. I have a set of pro video 3 for sale. They take AA instead of the proprietary battery. i will take $190 each. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51088&p=335597
  14. I still have these lights available. They are in great condition. I liked them because I could use rechargeable AA batteriies that I could interchange with my strobes, instead of proprietary batteries. Now $190/each http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51088&p=335597 Good Luck. Andy
  15. These lights are still available. Thanks Andy
  16. Herb and Lee, Thanks very much for the comments and suggestions. Great feedbackand and I will use it on my next dives. Thanks Andy Ontario
  17. Hello all, I have always liked pictures using creative lighing positions for wrecks. I thought I would give it a try yesterday. First time shooting strobes remotely. About my second year in photography. Looking for input on some camera settings and strobe positioning for situations with challenging visibility. Details: - location - St. Lawrence River , Ontario - Wreck - Eastcliffe Hall - visibilty - not the greatest 15 max - depth 65 feet Equipment: - Canon 7D - Tokina 11-16 - 8 inch dome - 2 X Sea and Sea YS-D1 - triggered optically by using a 50 ft optical synch cable and slaving the second strobe off of the first. Settings for this shot: ISO 160 11mm 1/100th f/6.3 Strobes were positioned in opposite ends of the overturned bridge/superstructure. Again looking for input on strobe positions and camera settings. Also, most of the time there is some particulate in the water. When it gets colder the visibility starts to get much better. Here is a link the some other pictures on the same dive. Gallery link Thanks in advance. Andy
  18. I have a pair of i-Torch Video Pro 3 . Used on a recent trip to Truk and that is it. These are great video or focus lights. I bought the Video 3 because I wanted to use my rechargeable AA batteries that I use for my strobes. These are black anodized. The also come with diffusers. Looking for $200 each plus shipping (at cost). Please PM me if you are interesed. Thanks Andy Specs: Switch: Tacticle push button on rear cap O-ring: Double O-ring Size: 135mmx62mm (head) x47mm (body) Weight: 300g/10.6 oz. Battery: 4 x AA Burn time: 1.5 to 10 hours (depends on brightness and batteries) Lumen: 650 Lumens LED: CREE MC-E Beam angle: 80 degrees Mode: 1/4, 1/2, full, RED
  19. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Very appreciated. Nick, once I get our itinerary firmed up I will let you know. It would be great to have someone to dive with if you are available. Thanks Andy
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