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  1. There are some news via Kay Burn Lim FB page who helped to develop the housing. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02sRDLzNNRZTPsaLdeMMV3wvEnDrhz58xN9h4NCyfdGQFKoiFAu6eVxvWpm3mjTUUdl&id=582259232&sfnsn=scwspwa Among the several comments:
  2. This is a great idea from @Moodog If something goes wrong, we have a way to stay in touch and maybe organise elsewhere.
  3. This is a great idea from @Moodog If something goes wrong, we have a way to stay in touch and maybe organise elsewhere.
  4. Great idea, I signed up. If something goes wrong, we have a way to stay in touch and maybe organise elsewhere.
  5. Few days ago Panasonic announced the Lumix G9 II, the first M43 camera with the new PDAF focus system. https://petapixel.com/2023/09/12/panasonic-g9-ii-hands-on-review-its-made-for-photographers-but-is-it-really/ It happens once in a blue moon that two camera share the same body and this seems to be the case. So the S5 II Nauticam housing could be fully compatible with this new camera except for the N120, 120mm port standard opposed to N85. In the mirrorless age a neat distinction between photo and video on new camera is almost meaningless.
  6. I had one from Decathlon but was really huge and it cannot collapse. What's your model? Thanks
  7. As Chris wrote, seeing some video would help us to give her more focused hints. The video posted by @bghazzal is really a good starting point and it applies to all videocamera. That video is part of a full playlist plenty of amazing tutorial on all aspects of underwater video making.
  8. If we look at the audio and photography market, in the past, having something cheap and immediate was more of a necessity, a constraint. A way of having it while not being able to afford something more expensive. But everyone yearned to have a DSRL or a luxurious hi-fi system. That was clearly the top for everyone. Now the paradigm has really changed. My son listens to 99% of the croaking music directly from his tablet when all he has to do is press a button on the display to stream BT to the Hi-Fi system, but he really doesn't feel the need. Me and my friends of his age were dying for a 100W amplifier to smash everything.
  9. It's a point and shoot camera. Once you set it correctly there's nothing left except few cinematography rules that applies always. The video suggested is a good start.
  10. I dismissed it with a joke but the question is by no means stupid. I think there are two factors at play. The first one you already mentioned in the initial post and that is the correlation average age of the diver with his or her ability to spend. On average you can afford a (highly equipment-dependent) sport like this when you have a stable and fairly high income. So typically in adulthood and maybe with more free time for yourself. I was talking about this some time ago with a large diving owner who invests a lot in online advertising, social etc. He was telling me that the most important Social Network for diving advertising is Facebook because the average age of his customers is high and FB is the social typically for adult people Second: when you wrote about youger divers with GoPros, for underwater photography in particular, there is a generational aspect to take into account. I had written about it 3 years ago here on WP. I was quoting a couple of essays on the good-enough society and low-resolution. I copy and paste: TL;DR We are the guys discussing of gold cables for our wi-fi's while our sons are listening YouTube on a 10$ 2" Bluetooth speaker
  11. for camera and hosing size maybe the sweet spot is A6X00?
  12. Personally, I find it shameful that cameras with obvious overheating problems can be put on the market. By now Sony doesn't give a damn. And it is equally shameful that people buy them as if it were a normal thing. A tax to pay for having certain performance. It is like tacitly buying a rigged car. Crazy. This is so normal that a new market for products to cool them has sprung up. Too bad they are impossible to use in a housing. https://tilta.com/shop/tiltaing-cooling-system-black/
  13. Yes. This housing is really big and I'm agree with you, moreover the housing is shared with the monitor which is another hot source by itself. My friends have a couple of alu Isotta housings for Gopro 9/10/11 (and now it will fit the latest GP 12). No problem at all with overheating but the housing is really small so everything is at sea temperature quite soon (In Summer, here in the Med we have 26/28°C on the surface but temperature decreases immediately below) Same with a T-housing. The T-Housing after a year of heavy misuse has obvious signs of galvanic corrosion on the closure despite having the magnesium anode. Bear in mind that a classic Feelworld (and that one is) heats virtually nothing. Atomos it's another story. I see from the photos that the GoPro even has the Media Mod. You can't tell if it has an internal battery. If you only use external battery, it must be really powerful and quality as well as the BEC battery Elimination Circuit. It's just a preview from Facebook To my knowledge the gopros do not allow any control via USB cable and that is a shame. they only allow control via BT and special App. So the GoPro in the housings do not allow any control outside of changing the photo/video/etc. mode and pressing the shutter button. There is a trick though: IIRC pressing simultaneously the mode button and power on accesses the menu with the list of preset modes (GP 10 and 11) and you can with the button change modes. Basically you have to have previously prepared the different modes. Another solution could be to load the gopro lab fw that allows you to program the gopro through QRCodes. There is a special app for that or you could print them out and laminate them. You put them in front of the lens and taak the camera reprograms itself. From the photos i see the housing has extra three buttons.. I have no idea their function. Edit: i see there's a "wall" on wich the camera is mounted on which divides the camera from the battery. I hope is made of Aluminium.
  14. Beautiful indeed! It's basically a monitor case on steroids. the top controls are the exact same as my Hugyfot monitor which contains an ubiquitous 5" Feelworld. Given the innovation of the product and that it will be aimed at a 'tropical' audience, I hope it will be at least a 1000 NITS monitor. It will be interesting to know the battery life of the Gopro and more so the resistance to overheating.
  15. From direct experience I can say that any new solution that does not provide its own server and disk space for content is not recommended. The "value" of WP lies precisely in the fact that the content is its own. This is indeed the problem with Social Networks and other third-party platforms. The data is no longer yours, and you are left with only the ephemeral visibility of a while when your channel/group/page is well known. But if the platform closes, changes the rules, you dislike them, you violate some new rule, you're done and you can't even take back what you consider "yours." People don't understand this at all, and we live in an age where everyone thinks they are at the center of the world and important. Everyone has their own page, their own broadcast center. A digital selfishness. Andy Warhol's famous phrase in digital sauce. It's why forums are disappearing. On the importance of preserving the value of a community through data ownership I will give you a simple simple example: long ago the cost of storage was high and forum owners (even this one) had the problem of the space taken up by photos uploaded by users. Many found themselves forced to limit uploads quite a bit and push (if not force) users to host photos on external sharing sites. Photobucket used to be very popular. Too bad then Photobucket changed the sharing rules and a great deal of content became inaccessible. or the user simply deleted the prop. It will have happened to everyone to read some very interesting old posts and the attached photos are gone. There are forums that are totally unusable and useless because of this small problem. This is just a small example of the side effects of relying on external services. However... I may be naive and an idealist but I am sure that Adam will not let this community die like this and a solution will be found.
  16. Yes I have a Nauticam housing and a Hugyfot monitor and I didn't need any external help My Hugyfot 5" monitor is the classic Feelworld Chinese monitor with housing. Like 90% of old generation monitors it has a brightness of 4/500 NITS. I repeat it is normal but in shallow sunlight you can't see much. The new generations of Chinese monitors have 1000 or even 3000 NITS with some overheating problems. I bought a monitor for 100 euros with 1000 Nits that I use for outside shooting and it is really outstanding. Even in full sun without a lens hood it does its job. Unfortunately for underwater monitors, apart from Nauticam which uses The new SmallHD with 1000 NITS (with prices in another league) I still see old monitors being used. And now it is not a question of price because the new 1000 NITS monitors cost the same as the old 500 NITS monitors. I had thought of getting this 7" monitor because the port layout would be perfect for my NA-Gh5 housing but what puzzles me is indeed the brightness (500 NITS) and the guaranteed depth of only 80 meters, well above my frequent uses. 80 meters is a rather strange figure, usually certifications are 100 meters.
  17. Yes M16 (16 mm) is the inner diameter of the threaded hole in a metric system. So a M16 bulkhead it's the same reardless f how you "fill" the hole. it could be a HDMI cable/connector or a USB-C as in your video. In the weefine video linked above you can see the same process. They were marter having a smaller basic bulkhead with the HDMI connector in it and then and external M16 or M24 threaded adapter to fit in your housing. M16 it (was) the norm but IIRC it's too small for newer HDMI 2.0 cables and connectors (used in some external recorder) so newer top housings have a M24 threaded hole. Hope it helps
  18. I've never seen Ikelite port but it seems a cap on a M16 threaded hole. you shoud be able to connect a M16 connector directly. or I'm missing something?
  19. I still haven't seen in my life a underwater videomaker using an external monitor/recorder in that way
  20. I dont know. It was a gift from a fellow WP member. Anyway I think your handles are ok. Just check the distance.
  21. Looking at Marelux bar it seems to have a better design.
  22. Here we go. Here the problem I faced once i got the bar: So finally I had to buy these pieces The drawback of the spheres cost me more than the bar. So if you are in doubt better follow Tim's advice...
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