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  1. Edius NLE supports PQ/HLG since version 9. Actually, reading Edius forums, NLE is only a small part of the game. Monitor, BM card, hdmi signal. ATM HDR is a rich man's game.
  2. Hi Alex , Could you share a typical setting for one of these timelapse. How long does it last? Did you use gh5 function?
  3. Stunning video, Alexander Thank you
  4. Hi Søren I would be interested into the 502 monitor and housing. Do you sell it alone? How much, eventually? Thanks
  5. I use this project suggested in one the several threads on the topic It's perfect for my needs and very cheap
  6. No no. He is using a GH5. I asked him if he made some test with plain cinelike-d to compare. I'll let you know Bye
  7. I bring to file this old thread.... I found these two GH5 videos shots 4K 400 Mbps (4:2:2 ALL-Intra a 10 bit). Picture profile V log L and Color Correction with Da Vinci Resolve 15 Studio In this you can see before/after:
  8. I can confirm that this printed model for 12-35mm simply doesn't work: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2827917 I missed two dives and lost my clips. Never again. Once I bought the original Nauticam version i understood that it's not a problem of material but the design is completely wrong. Your mileage may vary with other projects.
  9. Hi Tim, Several friends of mine were in Zanzibar for diving in the last few years and all of them basically agree with Robin. Even in the Mnemba atoll. Sorry about that
  10. Ah ok I'm pretty sure it wasn't enabled before. Thank you all
  11. Hi Tim, I filled nearly every field. I updated my avatar but I find no option to change the background of my profile like @tomstgeorge I'm envious
  12. Really nice work indeed! Out of curiosity, how I change my profile background image? (behind the avatar). Thanks
  13. Laurent Ballesta did it again From: https://www.blancpain-ocean-commitment.com/gombessa-v Presentation video: You can follow the expedition via a Youtube playlist with daily v-logs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLhFvmAOWaj4vKtuOf5qttwjR31PCHtnL Bye
  14. Yes, a bathtub is what I need (40°C in Rome today)
  15. I tried several times to switch for a moment to manual focus and engaging focus peaking (I have FP on Fn2). I've never been able to see the dots. Tried with several settings and colors. From my experience, even on land, peaking works only in few specific condition. I've never used FP with other camera but IMHO GH4 peaking sucks! This is the shot I missed (rescaled to 1080p) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J0fx6O9jtQ It's plenty of contrast for focus peaking. I think I was too close. Other shots not so close are tack sharp. This lens is amazing. Minimum focus distance for this lens is 25 cm (10"). I guess is measured at 12 mm not 35 mm. This evening I will try at home. I will try again next week. I hope to find it again with open polyps while eating...
  16. @Barmaglot Thanks informative post. While definitively the 12-35 is not a macro lens form what I re ad I should get batter corner and a slightly wider image. I used multipoint focus just one time several years ago ruinining all my clips. No thanks. I'm sure focus was locked. F8 iso 800. Maybe I was narked... Thanks
  17. Thanks Tim My bad I used the word "macro". Actually the 12-35mm is a light zoom (24-70 in 35mm). I was filming very close some small corals at 35mm end. Probably too close. I was deceived by the GH4 AF which immediately locked focus so I thought everything was ok. So now I wondering if minimum focus distance per lens specs is of any use underwater....
  18. Sorry guys, Never too late for... a stupid question Underwater, a lens minimum focusing distance will increase or decrease? Specific case: lumix 12-35mm behind Nauticam 6" dome port (its port according to Nauticam). Sunday I made several nearly macro shots at 35mm with the subject very near. The camera indicated me focus acquired (single area pointed exactly on subject, AE lock, green square). Even on the boat, on GH4 display, images seemed gorgeous but at home on my PC i realized they were completely off focus. (I ate the dome cover).
  19. Old versions of Nauticam 6" dome for M43 was rated 75 meters. Now is rated 100m apparently with no modification. Go figure!
  20. I would never put a light on the port. First: you will get a lot of backscatter. A small arm is compulsory to get decent results. Second: housing o-rings are designed to work under pressure to fit properly in their groove (even a minimum one). On the surface chances to dislodge o-rings from their groove are high. So I would never stress the port collar with the additional weight. Just my 2c
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