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  1. It seems perfect to me. Now you have to test it underwater
  2. I look forward to see you there then. I'm in Rome. Argentario is my daily destination on the weekend. 1.5h trip by car.
  3. Perfect CC and amazing video. Canon colors are stunning
  4. For that price, it should go into the water itself and bring me the photos Jokes apart, some of the DIY examples posted above are perfect and if needed they could be equipped with telescopic legs bought separately at much cheaper price.
  5. Could you give an idea of the diameter of the beam at certain distance underwater? Has the beam circles or led geometry reflections? Thanks
  6. Sorry for the late reply. My friends uw photographers went to: https://laperlaneradiving.com/en/home-3/ Good service and by letting them know your needs in advance, they have an eye for photographers. Anyway the Island is plenty of diving centers. Diving is the main reason to go there. Is a MPA since 1986. Nearly all diving centers can take care of home/hotel accommodation and even ferry tickets. I mentioned Ustica because is fairly simple to get there. Airplane to Palermo and then a ferry or fast hydrofoil. You can go there even from Naples by ferry. Within Europe I prefer to send diving equipment in advance by mail. Very cheap and saves you the usual headaches at the airport especially if you travel with low cost airlines where the weight of luggage is a nightmare. Here general info on the island and its MPA. http://www.ampustica.it/en/come-raggiungerci.asp?idmenu=6 I would avoid July and August. IMHO best period is June and September/October.
  7. For Strait of messina just ask to Pietro. Lately Mimmo Roscigno & co. went there diving with Domy Tripodi, a resident uw photographer who has a diving center in Saline ioniche just south of the strait and the best dives are from the beach. Mostly macro. You can see his photos here. Mimmo Roscigno posted several photos shot there last month. https://www.facebook.com/ficarelladiving.salinejoniche Reggio Calabria is an intl. airport so it should be easy getting there directly. Scilla, Saline and other spots are within few minutes by car. Just as example, diving at "La Montagna" (The Mountain) from shore in front of the city in winter time That Cerianthus is 40 years old at least. This video cuts make me sick!!!
  8. It's a really small island with several dive spots. It's a marine protected area so there are a lot of fish. i dive there most of the time excepot when I go in Naples and Sorrento. Great buddies there you know very well. But believe me, Strait of messina is another league. If you like pelagic fishes Ustica island is another amazing place.
  9. I love Hyeres islands. I went there 5 times during the '90s even a liveboard. IIRC it's the oldest MPA in Europe. Speaking of short range destinations May I suggest a couple of other destinations in Italy worth to consider? Argentario in Tuscany. There's a national marine protected area much more as Portofino but cheaper and with better visibility. (www.argentariodivers.com is one of the biggest and most professional diving center in Italy). Give me a shout if you come! Strait of Messina. Scilla is a classic destination. During the '90s it was considered the best dive spot in the Mediterranean sea. I'm still convinced that it is. Maybe not the best but among the 3 best med dive areas. Why it's not so famous? because it's in Calabria, perhaps the most underdeveloped Italian region. But the dives there.... Strait of Messina deserves a special explanation. The particular morphological conditions of the Strait (in the narrowest point it is only 100 meters deep but in the southern part it quickly reaches over 2000 meters) make it possible to form a venturi effect with strong currents that bring nutrients from the depths. It is an extraordinary ecosystem, unique in the Mediterranean Sea for biocenosis and abundance of species. The intense and alternating currents determine a condition of "Atlantic" type. In fact, many purely Atlantic species, such as laminaria, although present in some other areas of the Mediterranean Sea, only in the Strait of Messina are able to form well-structured communities forming real underwater forests. Another peculiarity of the Strait of Messina is the presence of a numerous abyssal fauna which, transported to the surface by the current, can be easily captured or found beached along the shore. Their abundant presence attracted to Messina between the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century scientists from all over Europe who could find, in a relatively simple way, the most varied and abundant material for their studies. Krohn and Anton Dohrn, defined the Strait of Messina as the paradise of zoologists. Basically you only dive at times of tidal fatigue. The water is warm and visibility never drops below 20 meters. Even in the middle of winter I found minimum sea temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius. Just google "reggio calabria lungomare alberi" to understand the climate there. Many dives are done from the shore and you can meet very rare species for the Mediterranean. If you search for "trumpet fish in the Strait of Messina" you will understand what I mean. If you like wrecks you have no choice but to choose including some that can be reached from the beach. One of the many It's hard to find conditions where you can't dive there. You also have the Sicilian coasts at your disposal. The prices are outrageous and you have the airport of Reggio Calabria to 10 minutes. A famous diving is the Scilla Diving Center Check this out to see what kind of photos are taken in the Strait of Messina. https://www.facebook.com/francesco.turano1 P.S. Don't mess with currents here! Bye
  10. I would like to find 1700 euro on the bedside table tomorrow morning
  11. Actually the bulkiest of the three is Aquatica. It even floats. As much as it is theoretically possible to disassemble the monitor, the operation is complicated. Something I would do just to fix it.
  12. Well, I double checked the specs. The site linked by @Etc states 8 hours but has several specs wrong, while the FeelWorld site and Hugy state 3 hours for photos and 2 hours for video. The monitor accepts different types of batteries: Sony F970, F960, F950, F930, F770, F750, F730, F570, F550, F530, QM91D, QM91, QM90D, QM90, QM71D, QM71, QM70D, QM70, QM51D, QM51, FM71, FM70. Canon LP-E6 Hugyfot delivered it to me with a Sony F550. My experience is that at the end of a technical dive where I shoot for 1h and then in deco I review the clips without ever turning it off, I end up with 80% battery. Last week after 2 dives for a total runtime of 6h, the 64GB card of the GH5 was full and the monitor was at 35%. A praise to Hugyfot support through the Italian dealer Fotosub Shop: the monitor is guaranteed to 150 meters. I had problems with the keys under 70 meters. I had the springs replaced and serviced for free well beyond the warranty period and now even at 100 meters it goes like a bomb.
  13. I can only speak for the Hugyfot that I use with my GH5. I am very pleased with it. The link you posted has the wrong info. Go to the Hugy site. It is a Feelword F5 monitor. You can find lots of reviews on this monitor and get an idea. For the case it is very well made. It Takes advantage of the GH5's vacuum system. It has a battery Canon with a crazy duration of 8 hours. Surely it is more bulky than other integrated monitors but has the advantage of being lighter in water: only 260 gr. If you need. I could post a photo of my gh5 rig so you get an idea. https://www.hugyfot.com/housings/vision-xs-monitor/vision-xs-monitor.html
  14. Lens sold. I will post a new topic for the Nauticam zoom gear
  15. IIRC I used 4mm bolts and Self-locking nuts. For the length I don't remember but I think at least 10 12mm. I do not have with me the arms to take measures but when you cut the bars of polycarbonate or aluminum, you have to make sure that their width allows you to insert them within the shape of the arms. In this way you save thickness and the whole is more compact. The total thickness should be equal to the thickness of the polycarbonate bar by 2 plus the thickness of the inner part of the arm. If you have at least one you can measure it. For the length of the arms I used those of 200mm / 5". Maybe with a FF camera and housing, 7" will add more stability.
  16. Two different types of Flexitray My old setup using Tor Inge's idea
  17. I had two Flexytray with different tripod options. Your version is the worst ") Anyway you have 3 options: Unfortunately this is a nearly permanent mod. I used it several times. It's perfect but I had 2 flexytray. The second option is Chris suggestion. The third option is similar to Chris one except for using the extra holes you already have: You will need longer screws to retain your alu/plastic plate. Regarding tripod plates that will not break the bank.... https://www.flex-arm.com/en/tripods-and-monopods
  18. Thank you Chris, It remains a mystery to me why manufacturers don't provide an official answer on such a common problem. It is clear that in the long run a simple rinse is not enough.
  19. I don't have Sony but the option is definitely there. You just have to look in the menus. Usually the AF-Lock feature has numerous settings. Also you have to disable AF on the shutter release. That said in video you should try to work in hyperfocal or near hyperfocal, so with apertures tight enough to have a comfortable depth of field. Of course, it's impossible to approach a subject from 10 feet and keep it in focus to within a few inches. You work on editing with different shots. It might be different with a machine equipped with DPAF, in which case you could work in continuous autofocus. Never tried. PS To get an idea of depth of field you can use one of the many online calculators. https://www.photopills.com/calculators/dof
  20. I've always had polycarbonate lenses and always solved it with scratch remover fluid. Here in Rome we have very calcareous water and sometimes rinsing is even worse. I usually soak everything in a solution of Salt-X. Now that I have a glass WWL-1, I am concerned.
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