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  1. Thanks for the responses. Yes the larger part is from a Nauticam tray. I have a spare Nauticam tray and I checked it last night and it has the same part. Ken
  2. I don't know what forum to post this in so here goes. I bought a few items from a fellow wetpixel member. There were two items that I don't know what they are for and the seller doesn't know either. I suspect they are Nauticam parts. Does anybody recognize them? thanks Ken
  3. Little used LCD window for the Nauticam housing for the OMD-em5 . Half price $120. thanks Ken
  4. I have one and a few other items I would sell. thanks Ken
  5. I'm selling my OM-d E-M5 outfit as follows. The housing has approx. 40 dives on it. All in excellent condition. One of the battery compartments in the strobes flooded. Since the compartment is sealed the unit still works fine and has been thoroughly cleaned. Cost OM-D E-M5 699 Really right stuff BOEM5 set L-plate and grip 180 Nauticam housing 1,450 Flexitray II w/ 2handles and 2 mounting balls 234 Vivid Leak Sentinel V3 270 This is brand new S-2000 Strobe 539 S-2000 Strobe flooded 539 4 idas clamps 110 4 7 inch arms 115 2 Inon to Sea and Sea optical sync cord 82 2 1 inch ball mount for s-2000 strobes 40 total 3,988 I prefer to sell all of this to one buyer for $2,900 or without the 2 strobes, strobe mount balls and sync cords for $$2,150. I have the boxes for the housing and the OMD I also have the following I would like to sell. LCD window enhanced viewfinder 240 160 Ultra light tray w 2 handles for compact camera 150 100
  6. your dealer is in Taiwan so have the cost of shipping to the USA and I don't believe they are an Inon dealer. Reef Photo in Florida sells the S2000 for $539. The mount is $25 so new in the USA one of these would cost $564. My price is 30% and 42% off.
  7. I would prefer to sell them both and a sale in CONUS
  8. About 80 dives on each of them. One of them was flooded but works fine as the battery compartment is sealed from the electronics. I cleaned it out fairly well after the flooding. Each comes with a 1" ball clamp adapter about $25 each, extra o ring and grease. unflooded one $400 flooded one 325 I also have two Inon to Sea and Sea optical cables which I will sell for $60 for the pair. if you want to buy it all its $785 and I will pay for shipping in CONUS and paypal.
  9. I'm selling a few of my misc. mounting stuff. Ultralight shoe with extension and 2 6" handles, new cost $140, handles are brand new $100+ shipping and payplal 5" idas arm $14 5 Idas clamps $100 Nauticam 1" ball cold shoe mount $20 If you want to buy it all its $215 and I pay for shipping and paypal. thanks Ken
  10. Good as new, lens is scratch free. This lens may have been underwater 1 or 2 times that's it. $400 shipped to CONUS.
  11. Yes, sorry I meant to say the cold shoe mount was made of plastic. I don't think its suitable for mounting a larger light and certainly not if you have an arm or two extending the light. They are very easy to crack. When mine broke Nauticam asked me to wait because they were planning to switch the cold shoe mount to metal. I waited almost a year and finally asked them the status of my replacement and I was sent another plastic mount. I suppose they decided to keep the plastic mounts. It wasn't a big deal because the M10 mount is very sturdy.
  12. My Nauticam housing for my LX5 was made of plastic. Mine cracked on one of its first dives. I wouldn't recommend using the cold shoe unless Nauticam is now making them out of metal. The M10 mounting base is a better option. what are the port options for the 7-14mm?
  13. I bought one too. I will use it as a backup.
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