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  1. I have a few adapters available
  2. I can offer you a DP-FE4 with rear cap and neopren cover... for which lens are you planning to use it?
  3. For sale: Sea&Sea 45 degree viewfinder in VERY good condition, for MDX housings. Price: 500 € Shipment from Spain (Canary Islands or mainland Spain)
  4. I thought it is just 5mm shorter, but basically the same port
  5. There is another used housing like this forsale on eBay for 1499 €... mine is much cheaper and in better shape!
  6. I have for sale a LIKE NEW Subal housing for 5D MkII. This housing has been exhibited in a shop, and used only 2-3 times for tests in a pool. It really looks like NEVER USED! Housing with type 4 bayonett, standard viewfinder and 2x Nikonos type strobe connections: 990 € ...or with GS magnified straight viewfinder 1390 € For ports and other accessories please ask... maybe I can help you out with something used too
  7. Here are a few pictures of this set
  8. I can offer you 2 NEW units, never used, for 900 € the pair
  9. For sale a Subal ND3 housing for D3, D3s* and D3x... in PERFECT condition, with GS viewfinder and DP-FE domeport. The housing and the viewfinder are almost like new, and the domeport has a few tiny marks of use that do not affect the image quality. Price 1200€ for the full set, or 800€ housing with GS viewfinder, or 500€ only housing with standard viewfinder... This is an extremely cheap price for a professional equipment. The Nikon D3 series, especially the D3x is still VERY appreciated for its high quality. Just the price of the bulkheads and a few spare parts would be more than this. Only the GS viewfinder costs new around 1000 € This housing has a type 3 bayonett
  10. It would be important to know which dome port you are using for this. An 18 mm extension would be ideal with de DP-FE, but an 13 mm extension could be enough
  11. Am searching a smaller Aquatica dome port... ideally 4", but also interested in 6" port
  12. How much would be delivery to Europe (Spain or Germany)? Many thanks in advance
  13. Is it still available? Can you send me photos?
  14. Hi, yes, it is still available. Thanks for asking!
  15. I'm selling a Canon Speedlite 550 EX set with the SUBAL housing, which allows full access to all strobe buttons. It has S6 connection for perfect E-TTL function, exactly the same as using the strobe mounted on the camera. Strobe and housing are in very good condition! No important scratches, just signs of normal use, and perfectly working. Send me a p.m. for detailled pictures. PRICE 450€
  16. Hi Chris, yes, it is available! I send you a p.m.
  17. FOR SALE: HUGYFOT housing for Canon EOS 50D in great OPTICAL AND FUNCTIONAL condition! Looks almost LIKE NEW! With Hugycheck system, useable with EOS 40D and 50D. 1000 € Optional with INON straight 180º viewfinder LIKE NEW + 300 €
  18. FOR SALE: SUBAL housing for CANON EOS 5D MkII, in good condition. It has some signs of ue, but it is tested and in PERFECT working condition! It can be sold with or without the straight sports viewfinder GS180 Price without viewfinder 1300,- € Price with viewfinder 1800,- € On request I can also make a complete offer including a domeport...
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