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  1. The legendary Nikonos V analog amphibious camera (50m) for sale, including 35mm lens, extension rings for macro setup and spare o-rings. An Ikelite Substrobe 150 ringflash can be part of the deal. Settings: : 1, 1/2, 1/4 + on/off. Included: Tray, arm, charger, electrical trigger -cable. (Ni-Cd batteries might need replacement) Price (without flash): 350€ Price (with flash): 400€
  2. Dear Wetpixel I actually didn't plan to upgrade from this Nikon D300 setup yet, but a trip to the dark North during Winter (no sunlight) forced me to upgrade to more sensitivity - so for sale is: Hugyfot housing for Nikon D300 - completely serviced end of 2016 including change of electronics (without TTL-converter). CNC-machined aluminium housing with two electrical flash sockets (5-pin Nikonos), Huge-Check vacuum system. I bought the house November 2008. Included: spare O-rings, pump, tools, manual. Nikon D300 camera for sale can be included. The cameras shutter-count is 35.500 - estimated life-time is 150.000. Included: Two batteries, charger, strap, two 8GB and one 16GB card, all paperwork and manual and original software. Please note: There are no ports, arms, flash, flash cables or lenses included. In my opinion this is a great way to start shooting DSLR in a (fairly) cheap way, as long as you think you will be using Nikon and Hugyfot in the future, so you can reuse the lenses and ports, which you will need to buy. Total price (housing and camera): 1.500€ - or give your best bid :-) Price (housing only): 1.200€ - or give your best bid :-)
  3. Hi Morten here :-) I have been a member since 2011, but apparently I haven't made any new topic before - lazy that is :-) Now I will make a new topic, selling some used UW-photo equipment, so I need to make a short reply here. Anyway - just upgraded from D300 to D500, and looking forward to photograph whales and other bigger things :-). Living in Denmark I think I will start with some ghost-shrimps All the best to Wetpixel and it's members! BR Morten
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