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  1. Hi All, I'm going on a 6-week trip to Africa and will be diving in three locations in Southern Africa, mainly Mozambique and South Africa. I need a lightweight and manageable set up for traveling, and want to make sure I can have expensive gear on my body when needed. But there's no way I can use a cross-body messenger type bag to carry my dry camera gear (Canon 5d, 3 lenses, extender, hotshot mic, tripod, netbook) and my u/w gear (Ikelite with wide angle dome port, 1-2 strobes w/arms, underwater dive light, flashlight, 2 regulators). This means I'll need to roll a carry on with my u/w gear and have a messenger for my dry gear. I was thinking of using a Tenba Messenger, a Pelican Studio Cruiser rollling hardcase for the u/w carry on stuff, and then a rolling dive duffel for my clothes, wetsuit, BC, fins, mask, etc. The Seasoft Dry Roller looks good, but I can't find a review. So, does anyone have experience with some good lightweight, durable, multifunctional luggage? I'll need to take the dive bag on small boats that won't have room for both a pelican and divebag, but I'll need all my camera gear with me for topside and u/w shooting. Also, I want to be sure the check-in bag has the ability to stand upright on its own and is waterproof and has a carry strap for over shoulder or backpack functionality. ANY INPUT? Oh, I know this is mindnumbing minutia, but it would be so helpful to have some input. Thanks!!
  2. Hi there, Did you ever decide on a housing? After a lot of research I am about to buy the Ikelite for my 5dMII. It seems that no housing gets away with a completely unblemished record, and my understanding is that most floods are diver error, but the diver may tend to blame the housing anyway . The pro photogs that I've spoken to who chose Ikelite chose to do so because they are durable and affordable, both of which I'm looking for, and the apparent bonus of seeing any leaks through the clear plastic. I will be shooting video as well as stills, and am trying to determine if it really is worth it to get the DS161 strobes over the DS51, and if so, are two necessary? I've heard both. Any input from all fellow Ikelite divers would be appreciated! Thanks, Kate
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