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  1. SPECIAL PRICE: USD 3800 or EUR 2870 Offer is valid until January 10th 2013.
  2. Pro UW-video setup in perfect condition. Located in Denmark. Bought in Q1 2011. 1x Light and Motion Bluefin Pro housing 1x Sony CX-550 camera (64GB) 1x SOLA 600 light 1x Light & Motion LocLine Flex arm for SOLA 1x ReefNet SubSee +5 diopter 1x SubSee adapter for light & Motion 1x LMI tripod mount 1x SOLA hand strap 1x SOLA d-ring kit 1x SOLA 1" armball 1x Light & Motion customised foamed Pelicase 1x SOLA charger (extra) 2x Spare Sony camera batt. (3900mAh), 1x Sony batt. charger, 4x AA batt. (2850mAh) and AA batteri charger Also, various maintenance tools, spare o-rings etc. Price EUR 3300 (save EUR 2825) Payment via PayPal or bank. Examples of work @ vimeo.com/henrikhedegaard Reason for selling: I've switched to Canon 5D MK3 Find a bigger picture of package here:
  3. Hi all... Here's a set of super macro shots from Fury Shoals in Egypt, March 2011. Used the SubSee +5 diopter in front of my Light & Motion BlueFin Pro housing. http://vimeo.com/henrikhedegaard/testing-r...-subsee-diopter Cheers, Henrik
  4. Hi guys, During a video/photo liveaboard in Egypt I bumped into this little dude during a night dive. Couldn't find it in any id books. Can you help out? Video shot around 7:30pm and the topology was an easy sloping rocky ocean bottom, sadly full of coral debris. Check the video here (around 3:25 into the video) http://vimeo.com/henrikhedegaard/testing-r...-subsee-diopter
  5. Hey, I'm working with the Scandinavian distributor of Fantasea (www.fotografit.eu) and have seen what the P7000 housing can do. Must say I'm quite impressed. Based on reviews of the G12, I'd go for the P7000 any day. BR Henrik
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