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  1. A hard reset did no good. I’ve sent it in to Nikon for repair and will order a backup body. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I have a problem with my Nikon D850 that just started happening today. I can adjust the ISO to any value I want but it makes no difference to the actual images captured. In Lightroom, the EXIF data shows ISO 3. On the back of the camera when I play the image, the ISO shows no value. I've tried using auto-ISO and I get the same results (although the ISO shows up as two red dashes on the camera's LCD when I playback the image vs no value when I don't have auto-ISO turned on). I am in Manual mode so it's not that. I've tried different lenses and get the same behavior with both my 28-70 and Sigma 15. Does anyone have any idea what this is? I'm hoping it's some strange menu item that got turned on rather than a problem with my camera. Would appreciate any thoughts / advice. Thanks Andy
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I haven't tried support at L&M so maybe I'll contact them about my Sola before I completely give up on it. I do like the idea of having the UV in addition to the red and white lights. Not sure how often I'd use that though.
  4. My Sola 600 is acting up so I'm in the market for a new focus light. When I bought the Sola back in 2011 it was considered to be "the" focus light to get. Now I'm wondering what the current thinking is on focus lights. I only need it for photography so don't care about video light capability. It would be great to get some feedback on what people like.
  5. I’m selling my Canon 7D with lenses, housing, and accessories as I have recently switched over to the Nikon platform. The housing has never been flooded and I have always rinsed it in fresh water after each use. I’d like to sell the system as a package. I’m pricing the overall package based on the items highlighted in blue but all items listed will be included in the package. Here’s what I’ve got: Total for everything: $4200. Buyer pays for shipping. Camera & Housing: Canon 7D body (purchased new in November 2017 very low # of clicks) Nauticam NA-7D Underwater Housing with ball mounts & vacuum system Ports: Zen DP-100mm Dome Port (for Tokina 10-17mm) Lenses: Tokina 10-17mm fisheye Canon 100mm 2.8 USM Canon 60mm 2.8 USM Tamron 10-24mm rectilinear lens Reefnet Subsee +10 diopter Canon EFS 55-250mm (autofocus slow on the higher end of the focal range) Tamron SP AF-90mm f2.8 Quantaray 70-300mm Canon EFS 18-55mm kit lens Canon 35-80mm EF lens Canon 80-200mm 4.5-5.6 (only works in the 110mm-200mm range) Accessories: 6 ULCS clamps (they have about 350 dives on them so they aren't great but will get you started) Extra battery for Canon 7D Scubacam fiber optic snoot for Inon z240 strobe Nauticam zoom gear (works on Tamron 10-24mm and with rubber bands, also the Tokina 10-17 without having to take the rubber off the lens) 2x Tiffen 52mm UV lens protector 2x Sunpak 58mm UV lens protector Sunpak 58mm circular polarizer Kenko extension tube set DG 3 rings (12mm, 20mm, 36mm) for Canon mount
  6. Outstanding review. Thanks for taking the time to write it up and share your thoughts. I see my wallet getting lighter... oh, and you should probably change your signature now
  7. You can also try opening up your aperture to get a shallower DOF which will help the fish stand out from the background.
  8. Welcome to WetPixel. My wife and I have a place on Siesta Key so we enjoy coming down from NY a couple of times a year. Hoping to make that more frequently in a few years. Do you dive much in Sarasota or do you travel to other parts of Florida for your diving?
  9. Please pass on thoughts to David for a fast recovery.
  10. Similar to others, I was stopped for trying to carry on my wrench/spanner and Allen wrenches in Tel Aviv. Fortunately, I had enough time to go back out and check them in as luggage. I was rather annoyed though when they provided metal cutlery for the dinner service on the flight. I have to think the knife I was given was far more deadly than my Allen wrenches.
  11. To help clear this up for everyone, I spoke directly with the producer on the phone. It is exactly as what was inferred. The BBC NHU claim they have no budget for this. I even asked if they would pay only if they did in fact sell the series but I was told they don't have a budget for that either. I gave it a few days and responded that I appreciate them reaching out to me but I have decided to decline the request. I told them I felt it was sending a wrong message to give away my images and that I find it astonishing that the BBC would expect photographers to give their images away for free. The producer told me that some professional underwater photographers have given permission to use their images for free for this project.
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