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  1. ISO is one of the most misunderstood concepts of digital photography and that is because a camera has only one sensor and therefore only one film. You can't go and change the film you can only proxy that with gain which is what ISO maps to You can't generalise concepts due to the different way sensors are constructed so one camera may be totally fine at 2500 and one be rubbish. Also some cameras are ISO invariant and some are not at all and this influences how you should shoot. Only one thing is for sure an image with too low ISO that is too dark on broad area is worse than one with a small clipped highlight in my opinion If you want to maximised performance in your camera I suggest you study not only DR charts but also input referred noise charts
  2. If it is polycarbonate it cannot be polished if it is hard coated unless you remove the coat altogether It is always a trade off hard coated scratch less but when they do they cannot be repaired. Uncoated scratch less and you are there repairing them a lot on the field but once you are used to is it is all good
  3. 4" dome port or 2" 5 cm width typically out of a 11 cm circle means 57 degrees coverage which is less than 20mm for MFT Any lens will be pushed into it not to vignette creating severe aberrations
  4. 12-45 is not an interesting lens. The 4" dome is also a not terribly interesting port!
  5. The 12-40 as the 12-60 remain very sharp but need a dome and are not wet lens compatible Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yes exactly as the 14-42mm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The problem of many shooters is that they do not understand that lenses that are good on land may not be good underwater or be less compact. Underwater I use the 14-42mm lens with WWL-1 a lens that I never use on land. On land I use the 8-18mm and 12-60 both need a dome and they are not compact neither take wet lenses same goes for 12-35 and 12-40mm Then you have the macro 30,45,60 all have a small port And fisheye that in the MFT version takes also a small port So if you want to have a compact set up you need to avoid wide lenses and good standard zoom or you go into dome territory
  8. Generally the filter thread size is an excellent proxy for the non parallax point which is not published. In essence each lens has a filter thread that ensures vignetting will not occur. Smaller the filter thread less recessed the non parallax point. So a lens with a 62mm filter will generally have the non parallax point further away from the front of the lens for the same field of view of a lens with 40mm thread and will have more problemsThe WWL-1 works with lenses that have typically a 40-46mm filter thread you can safely use this as a proxy In addition it works better with lenses that are wider when extended The full frame and APSC zoom are all wider when retracted and have filter threads larger than 58mm you already know this is not going to work You can try a short port with no zoom but that defeats the objective On full frame is not possible to have alternative to the WACP on APSC fisheye zoom with teleconverter cover the same field of view but probably an APSC user would never consider WACP anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The reason why the Sony 28mm full frame works with the WWL-1 is because the lens is very small and has 40mm filter thread which means the WWL-1 is ok with it When you look at APSC there are some lens that might work but full frame is not an option as all lenses are over 62mm so too big once you factor a zoom
  10. So TC 1.4X no effect you can see on the 8-15mm when using an MFT camera which is further cropped but this is at least promising!
  11. Yes but I want something even narrower. In APSC the lens works 10-15mm giving 180 to 115 degrees. I am looking for something to go all the way to 80-90 degrees
  12. I already have the canon fisheye it is a superb lens and I use it currently for my GH5 as zoom fisheye. I have been considering APSC and I would prefer to avoid to buy a new lens. I already have the Nauticam 140mm glass dome so I was thinking of using the Kenko TC that will give me a fisheye zoom of 11.2-21mm range which is very interesting. I know that TC deteriorate to an extent image quality however I think the Canon 8-15mm with the kenko may still be a better optic than the tokina which is after all a mediocre lens. I wonder if anyone has experience comparing those on any format / crop?
  13. Yes it works fine I have seen images from people on my same boat and they were not even advanced Canon ef lenses for Sony work well and there is no need for any native lens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Sigma sells an adapter for canon EF Nikon adapters for third parties dont support AF Nikon is very captive once you are in you stay in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sigma makes MFT Emount SA Lmount Nikon DX FX Canon ef efs They don’t support any of eos M nor nikon Z You get more lenses for a Panasonic full frame than nikon or canon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I have done several cooperations with photonstophotos that does measurements of DR and noise The mirrorless cameras APSC from canon and nikon have performance usually worse than MFT even in terms of low light I think this is due to severe cost cutting in internal electronics dsp and asic So your example is a perfect one fitting exactly into this picture There seem no intention to produce pro level APSC mirrorless from the two main brands Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. The 14 bit issue is probably going to go away some time soon. 4 megapixels mean very little today as the target is online with max 2 megapixels Which is why as you said 20-24 is enough I shoot a lot people landscape deer birds fish night scapes long exposures The use case for full frame is mostly prime lenses not long tele not wide end If you wanted lots of megapixels sure but nobody bothers plenty of event onto gro downgrade to shooting low megapixels or even jpegs to avoid 45mb files I make some nice A3 prints of all sorts there is not a lot to complain I do prefer shooting people with full frame though is more organic and real but underwater shots are better than life mostly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. One thing that I think you guys have missed is that smaller format wider aperture means smaller strobes A pair of prosumer plastic strobes is adequate for MFT borderline for APSC and small for full frame I think you need to look at the whole system beyond housing and ports Perhaps a MFT pro camera is still bulky but a pair of mid sea and sea or inon are less bulky and cheaper than other solutions and with a smaller format will deliver the goods Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Although at same settings a larger sensor produces a higher IQ once you work at constrained depth of field the benefit is zero So your full frame fisheye at f/11 is aspc at f/8 and MFT at f/5.6 Your two stops ISO benefit is gone As a land based full frame user the benefit is in those situations where I can have a different look for example shooting f/2 wt night where f/1 on MFT doesn’t exist Or bright scenes where full well capacity of full frame just gives more detail Underwater those benefits for most dont exist What is different is that some larger cameras are just better camera either for af, battery life functionality Then of course WACP type solutions bring back the gap however they are expensive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. If the lens is not redesigned from scratch the parallax point which is used for the extension calculation does not move So with a mirrorless camera using a lens not designed for mirrorless your extension is longer so even if the housing is more compact there is zero benefit underwater
  21. The flange distance difference between mirrorless and DLSR is usually 20-25mm this in the scheme of things is not significant and if you put an adapter you are back where you started
  22. I wanted to give an update to my boat scheduled for July 31st 2021 First of all there are procedures on my boat: · Guest agree to the use of disinfection (chlorine), this is needed as we must disinfect with bleach (e.g. on bags). · Guest present a printed PCR Test (same one used to enter Egypt) prior to boarding the liveaboard. · Temperature will be measured directly before guest are allowed on board and will continue on daily base. · Wearing a mask on board is requested, in closed areas of the salon it is mandatory except during meal time. · Air conditioning in public closed areas can increase the spread of the virus. We will not run the AC in salon if guest do not follow mandatory mask wearing. Instead doors and windows will be open all time to allow air circulation. · Air conditioning in cabin will be operated as usual, each cabin has an independent system. · Guest are recommended to bring their own deck towels; cabin towels are provided but must stay in cabin. · We have successfully implemented served buffet style on board; guest do not have to bring their own plates etc. · Water dispensers are cancelled as we consider them super spreaders, water will be served in bottles. · Guest have to bring sufficient amount of single use mask for their period of stay on board. · Gloves are not required for guests, we prefer regular hand washing. Hand sanitizer are provided in all public and private areas. · Briefings will be held outside whenever possible; we move as many of the activities to be outside. · Additional liabilities are required to be signed as request by Egyptian authorities: e.g. Declaration before/on flight PCR Testing prior to departure from Sharm El Sheikh (as of 14.02.2021) There is an official testing facility that issues a PCR Travel certificate in Sharm El Sheikh. The Pyramid Hospital (Governmental Hospital) offers the PCR test daily between 09:00 H (9 AM) and 17:00 H (5 PM). No appointment is needed. You need to bring original passport and flight ticket. Please take copy of all passport pages and entry stamp as well as flight ticket with you. PCR Test price is supported by Egyptian Authorities and is about 30 USD. The PCR Test result will be available within 24 hours, you have to bring your original passport and receive it in person, no email service is available. If the airline you are booked with or the country you depart to requires a negative PCR test, plan enough time to receive the PCR Test certificate. The second part is that currently boats run at 50% occupation. I originally booked a boat for 12 people but the agreement I have is that I will get a boat for 20 in case the limitation is in place I also had several cancellation last year. As the boat was already paid for and it is still running those ended up as write off of deposit and as such I still have 5 spaces price is unchanged at €1250 I also want to stress that being vaccinated does not matter to Egyptian authorities and even if it makes you safe there is still a risk one of the crew gets sick and the whole trip has issues so each guest has to check their own travel insurance arrangements finally right now you cannot travel to Egypt and any insurance is void from UK and each market has different view of what essential travel is
  23. Good article I do not fully agree on the size penalty of Olympus Pro model the EM1 housings are not very large at all Nauticam makes them bigger putting handles around them. Panasonic GH5 is big because the camera has a massive heat sink and is a video beast If photos are your only objective a Panasonic GX9 or olympus that is not EM1X is totally adequate as @Alex_Mustard said as long as 20 megapixels is enough. I also want to say that the average MFT user (without offending the category as I am one) is less capable underwater as usually is a guy that came from bottom not downgrading So for DSLR you can go down to APSC DLSR if you want to go mirrorless is MFT and there are smaller bodies
  24. Ah ok so it is the sigma 15mm fisheye which I do not consider as I have a canon 8-15mm
  25. Is this the 105mm the 60mm or both? I have a L mount full frame with Sigma MC21 and so far worked with all canon EF but there is an l-mount native 105mm so am suprised about focus motor is this an old lens?
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