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  1. Batteries are rechargeable Eneloop Pros. For what its worth the new strobe worked fine today in the water. Original strobe still not working. Thanks
  2. The spare strobe was a brand new strobe so shouldnt have any issues with sync connection or leakage. The only common thread between them is I used the same batteries in both strobes.
  3. Welp, now the first strobe wont fire at all and the 2nd strobe still is firing just randomly though not as bad as before. Could a bad battery short circuit the strobes?
  4. Switched batteries from 1 strobe to the other. Will put different batteries in and report back.
  5. So, today im in Curacao and happy to be here. Im shooting an RX100ii in a Nauticam housing with Sea and Sea YS-D2 strobes. I set up my gear and took a test shot. 1 of the strobes then kept firing as soon as it cycled through. I have fiber optic connections so I unhooked the fiber connection and it still keep cycling and firing. I assumed I was having an issue with the strobe and I fortunately had a spare strobe. I hooked the spare strobe up took a test shot and all was fine. I then went diving and during the dive the strobe that I had replaced starting doing the same thing the other strobe had done. It started firing, recycling and then firing again. I disconnected the fiber connection and again it just kept firing. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on? Thanks for any help you choose to offer.
  6. I have unfortunately, in my opinion, had very poor customer service from Aquatica. Enough so that I will probably be changing to Nauticam with my next purchase.
  7. Well, apparently I stand corrected, thanks for sharing those!
  8. Hm, I wasn't thinking the Tokina 10-17 would be very good at over/unders.
  9. I am using an Aquatica D7000 housing with the 9.25" dome. I am looking to shoot some over/unders and looking for lens recommendations with this particular setup. Thanks for any help you might offer.
  10. So, I purchased a Nikon D7000 Aquatica housing and D7000 camera not long after the D7000 came out. With Black Friday I was able to purchase a new D7000 for $529.00 so I thought for that price I would get me another camera. I am getting ready to leave for a trip and put everything together and....the flash is too tall in the housing to work, IE it will not fully deploy and thus will not fire. I'm using Sea and Sea optic cables so that's a problem. The Info button doesn't work. Won't wake up the camera. The Main control knob won't turn the wheel on the camera. So, I put the old camera in the housing and lo and behold everything works just fine. So my question is do you think they have changed the D7000 slightly during the run? Any other suggestions as to what might be going on? Thanks for any insight you may offer and Merry Christmas!
  11. Selling a Nikon D7000 camera. This is for the body only. This camera was used in an Aquatica housing and I cut the plastic flap off where the mic cable connects. (Photo of this included) Does not have the clips that hold the strap on. Took these off to get camera in housing and can't locate them now. The Flash mechanism doesn't pop up for some reason. You can pull it up but it doesn't flip up automatically when you press the button. No known issues with camera other than this. $400.00 delivered to Continental USA.
  12. If you have a Sony RX100 system you selling PM me and let me know what you got and what you want for it. Thanks.
  13. Garrethe

    Subsee +5

    Subsee is sold thanks
  14. Garrethe

    Subsee +5

    Have used Subsee +5 Diopter for sale located in North Carolina. Only willing to ship Continent USA. $140.00 delivered.
  15. Have 2 Solo 2000 video lights that have corrosion on the node area where you attach for recharging. What is the best way to get rid of this corrosion?
  16. well photo didnt attach. Do I have to have to have some sort of permission to post a picture?
  17. If you can't take a great picture with a d70 you won't be able to take a great picture with a D610. You will just wind up with more megapixels of bad photos.
  18. So just took my new 9.25 Aquatica dome in the water. At end of dive took some over/under shots that were ruined with water beading on the dome. How do I solve that particular problem?
  19. So, let me get this right, a person who is a supposed professional, wants someone else to give him stuff because he wasn't professional enough to insure himself? Unbelievable.
  20. It's against the law for someone to steal my computer I left in my unlocked car. But it would be stupid for me to leave it out like that. My opinion is putting your photos out there without watermarking them is the same thing. And no Im not saying stealing your photo is right. I just, personally, think it's dumb to leave your computer out and get mad when someone steals it. Computer is a metaphor for photos. I just know someone is going to ask.
  21. Maybe im missing the boat here but is there some attachment for the lens to be able to put it on and take it off? Or swing in, as the Subsee does? As it appears to me im left underwater holding it. I see this as a recipe for disaster.
  22. Not to say you shouldn't be glad to have your photo on that site but having said that I have a question. Anyone can steal your photo and put it up on their site as long as they give you credit? I actually think it's worse that they know who the picture belongs to and didn't seek your permission and/or offer renumifaction.
  23. This is a known issue with the D7000, you need to update your firmware from 1.0.2 to 1.03. http://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/17542
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