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  1. For Sale: Fantasea G10-F67 67mm close up lens holder for Canon G10 WPDC34 OEM housing.

    Nice metal constructed adaptor to hold your diopters when working with super-macro. It attcahes to the front of the Canon OEM G10 housing. I think it will work with other G series too, but you have to check.

    Sell for $25 plus shipping

    For some reason I don't always get my notifications, so please also email me at: mcolleypublic@gmail.com



  2. Up for sale are 2 Inon Z-240 Type 4's in excellent condition. They have a Z-mount 1" ball on them and come with a like new S & S 5 pin Type N dual strobe cable.

    The strobes come with a .5 diffuser, red and white LED diffusers and an extra O-ring set for each.

    Cost new $1,800. Will sell everything together for $$1,300

    Will separate:

    One Z-240 w/ Z-Mount, .05 diffuser and O-ring set- $625
    S & S 5 pin dual strobe cable-$90

    I don't always get my notifications for some reason so please email me too: mcolleypublic@gmail.com

  3. Up for sale are 2 Inon Z-240 Type 4's in excellent condition. They have a Z-mount 1" ball on them and come with a like new S & S 5 pin Type N dual strobe cable.

    The strobes come with a .5 diffuser, red and white LED diffusers and an extra O-ring set for each.

    Cost new $1,800. Will sell everything together for $$1,300

    Will separate:

    One Z-240 w/ Z-Mount, .05 diffuser and O-ring set- $625
    S & S 5 pin dual strobe cable-$90

    I don't always get my notifications for some reason so please email me too: mcolleypublic@gmail.com


  4. I choose the Aquatica over the Subsee for my NEX7 system because it is considerably smaller and lighter. The diopter has excellent glass and has given me sharp responses with very little CA (see hair on crab below). It's been excellent, especially used on APS-C sensor cameras. The new larger and heavier Subsee's are designed for FF, along with the Aquatica I believe, so it works great with cropped sensors. Plus, you can mount 52mm filters or lens cap to the front, something I higly recommend, as a boatman laid the rig down face up into the glaring hot Thai sun and fried my camera len's aperture in a couple of minutes from the sun's magnified and focused rays passing through the diopter. Fortunately, my 25MP NEX 7 sensor was spared. The diopter doesn't come with a cap, but any 52mm lens cap will work. Nikon makes a nice one with a strap. Now I cover the diopter before I get to the surface and hand the camera to the boat person.


    I use the A+10 with my 18-55mm Sony zoom and a Nauticam swing mount that lets me use the 18mm for some mild wide angle to normal lens coverge or go to 45-55 with the Aquatica+10 for decent close macro. It's a nice versatile single dive set-up.


    Some recent photos with 18-55 zoom and Aquatica +10:




  5. As requested by some members of this thread, here's some photos of the snoot I made for my Z-240. The optical cables were made with Loc-line hose system and the optics use 8mm optical cable (might be wrong on the size, can't remember exactly) used in swimming pool lighting systems. These gave me much greater light output then the smaller sized packed cable to where I can now shoot at f32!


    The optical lines attach to the Z-240 using a system made from 4" PVC septic tank caps available at Home Depot. They also sell short sections of the pipe you'll need to complete the job. The 1st cap attaches to the Z-240 using the same system Inon uses to attach their diffusers. Since the thickness of the plastic between the two is almost the same, I just sacrificed an extra diffuser I wasn't using and removed it's stainless screws, installing them on the cap, rather than locate the custom hardware someplace else. I also drilled several holes to allow for heat and trapped air release on top and bottom of caps, then painted the inside flat black so light would be so widely dispersed through these cooling holes.


    The 2nd cap hold the optical lines. I made 3 recievers since I wanted a modeling and focus light with this set-up (2 for the 2 flash tubes, and 1 for the LED). The blue connectors I came from a Philippine hardware store, so I'm not sure where you'll get their counterpart in your country. Basically it's an plumbing adapter that has a 1/2" male screw end and also a 1/2 female end to accept the optical lines which terminate into a 1/2 male Loc-Line connector. This whole system is easily dismantled for transport and put together in minutes on location.


    Maybe you might want to trade your custom made Canon port for one of these Edward? :-)


    Send me a me a personal message for more details.





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  6. Hi Jason,


    Well, I'd say that qualifies as super macro :-) Too bad the adapter and everything is so expensive, but than that's the name of the game in this playground. I'll look into the Nikonos 80 w/ extension tubes, maybe I can find a set somewhere reasonably priced, along with someone who wants to sell their Nauticam Nikonios adapter. Certainly limits one to that sort of magnification throughout the dive though, but often this is a good way to approach the subject matter. Plus it would work pretty good with my Inon Z-240 and fiber optic snoot system I made that sits in the middle between my L/R flash units mounted to the housing flash mount. Uses both the Inon flash tubes and the LED modeling light so I can see where the light's going to hit. I can actually shoot at f32 with this et-up for increased DOF. Made the whole thing for less than $50.


    It would be great if Sony or Zeiss would come up with a medium wide-tele zoom that would fit into the Port 72 with some already available compact extension rings. The current 18-200 is too wide physically to fit the compact ports, so it's out of the running. A smaller compact zoom might just work.


    The 67mm Port 72 swing mount cost me $300 and it's set up to use the wide end of the kit lens and port glass when swung out of the way, so a longer wide-tele zoom would likewise make for a nice single dive lens for bigger stuff plus super-maco capabilities. It wouldn't break the bank with only the required addition of extension ring(s). I think I'd rather have the longer reach than the Zeiss 50 macro, more like how Wolfgang above describes using his Nikon 70-180 with his D300.


    I lost my shirt selling my new Canon 600D/T3i rig so I'm holding onto this used NA-NEX7 for the foreseeable future. It's just such a great HR compact system. Sooner or later, the lens will arrive. In the meantime I'm getting by with the 18-55 and diopters.


    Thanks for the info.


    I've attached some photos I've taken with NEX7, F.I.T +5, Aquatica +10 and 18-55 kit lens.












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  7. I shoot with the NA-NEX7 housing and use the 18-55 kit lens with Aquatica's new +10 sealed close-up lens (similar to the Subsea) stacked on a F.I.T +5 for maximum magnification. The Aquatica is really sharp and much smaller and lighter than the Subsea which is now deigned for full frame cameras. I have this mounted on the new port 72 swing mount to easily move it into position. When swung out you have an 18mm which is probably equivalent to a 28 to 35mm SLR full frame view. It all makes for a nice general purpose set-up where you can take photos of reef scape or other divers at 18mm or zoom it out to 55 and swing the diopters into place for pretty good medium to close macro depending on the combination of diopters. I can focus on subjects about 1" or less from the lens to give me at least 1:1 macro if not a little more. I miss my Canon 100mm set-up though to be honest. Like you and others, I'm biding the time when someone will release a longer lens, either a dedicated 60-100mm macro or a medium length 16-105mm zoom. The latter can be used in the same manner as the 18-55. Of course, none of these lens exist at the moment, only rumors.


    For macro lighting, I built a snoot fiber optic lighting system for an Inon Z-240 that focuses both the Inon's 2 flash elements and the LED modeling light using 3 fiber optical cables onto a tiny spot. The bright LED modeling light shows me where the focused flash output will be which is a big help. It basically focuses the light around 1" in front of the Aquatica +10 for some interesting super-macro lighting effects. It works so well, I can shoot at f32 which helps with the shallow DOF. The whole things swings out of the way on a ball joint when I want to use the 18-55 without diopters (here I have I have a right and left mounted dual Z-240s for standard lighting, the 3rd Z-240 for the snoot is mounted between the 2 on the flash socket on the housing with a video/focus light on the post to the right). In the future I'm going to replace the two L/R Z-240's and move back to 2 Inon S-2000's to make for a smaller, lighter compact system since I shoot mostly macro and don't need the Z-240's modeling lights.


    For wide angle I use the 4.33 inch port with the 16mm pancake and either of the wide angle or fisheye adapters. It's a nice affordable way to get 3 wide angles with minimum investment, as you can pick all 3 up for around $300 or less on eBay. Plus, it's really compact for traveling. Since I usually use this mostly for video, I'm not as concerned about soft edges as some people report. I haven't done much testing on sharpness to really comment on their quality. They seem okay for video and I've gotten some good stills out of them. The 18-55mm really surprises me though when I can get good focus out of it which can be trying at times with the diopters.


    All in all, it's a nice compact system.


    Good luck. Lets hope for some good macro lens soon, but don't hold your breath :-)

  8. Wolfgang,


    Are you saying you're using a Nikon 60 Macro with your NEX 5N or is this with your Hugy? I assume the later especally since yo mentioned manual focusing.


    Could you clarify?


    I just read today that the Zeiss 50mm macro will be the last of the 3 new lens coming out to be released, now expected towards the end of the year with the wide angles due in June or July :-( When are we going to get a decent macro for NEX? There's also talk of Sony releasing a mid range zoom with macro capabilities in the 16-105mm range. That would be a nice general purpose lens that when coupled with close up diopters would give some decent results. As usual these are just rumors and as we can see from Zeiss's announcement a year ago, it takes some time to get a lens to market. Sigma is releasing a 60mm f2.8 soon, but it looks to wide for the Nauticam ports and has a close focus range of 19" :-(


    Lets hope Edward keeps his word and comes up with the Canon 60 Macro port soon. It still looks like our best bet. I would love to see Nauticam make some kind of adapter where they could fit a locking extension from their SLR line onto a compact port coupler that would allow for the use of e-mount adapters, where than any number of SLR lens could be used with their already existing SLR ports and extensions. Manual focus gears would have to be made since the NEX doesn't really do AF with adapters, but us macro user would prefer MF and peaking for the most part anyways.


    I love my NEX7 in so many ways, but it's not cutting it for super-macro. I miss my NA-600D Canon T3i set-up with 100mm macro, but it was a pain to haul around and use, especially switching to video from still. The NEX7 has much better resolution, ergonomic controls, eye level or live view viewing and compact size. Just got to handle the macro end of it. Like many, my patience for a decent macro lens is starting to wear thin. Even the Zeiss 50 is now at the end of the year or later.


    Please make that Canon port Edward ASAP! Thank you.

  9. Hi Edward and Wolf Eel,


    Well that explains things on the NEX7 and Canon 60 Macro :-) Yes, indeed you have a Nauticam housing and as owner of Nauticam you have access to that state of the art machine shop to fashion such a port and focus gear. LOL I was wondering as I've measured your port width and thought no way, a 60mm Canon macro, but with 2 piece port to hold the wider lens it's obviously possible. All of us macro shooters are looking forward to the Zeiss 50 release, but still a bit short in my opinion. still thankful it's coming though. How about selling your custom port cheap :-) I'll throw in a case of your favorite beer or I'll wait and take your word something is in the works. Thank you.


    Like many, I'm currently using the 18-55 kit lens in a port 72 with your wonderful new swing mount where I've got an Aquatica +10 stacked on a F.I.T +5 for macro. Not much working distance at 55mm, so the Zeiss will even be less at 50, but it shouldn't have the focusing issues that stacking the diopters have.


    A word of warning on using diopters with NEX 18-55: Last week at Aqua-Vision dive shop in Krabi, Thailand, the boat man took my camera and laid it face up in the sun with the diopters in position. It took less then a couple minutes while I was climbing out of the water for the sunlight to focus through the diopters onto the lens aperture and melt it! Yes, it melted and very quickly. Aqua-Vision has no provisions for cameras and just tells the boat guys to place the camera on a soft surface. I've never had this happen before, but from now on I'm bringing a towel with me and make sure the camera handler knows to cover the rig as soon as it comes out of the water, especially if there are no camera provisions available. The owner/manager of the shop wouldn't even give me a couple free dives to compensate for the loss of the lens. Needless to say I cancelled a weeks worth of diving with them. Fortunately, the camera sensor escaped damage and the lens is in the shop at $135 for a new aperture. I got away fairly lucky. COVER YOUR CAMERA AND LENS WHEN USING DIOPTERS (cover it anyways).

  10. Can you please explain how you're using a 60mm Canon macro with a NEX in the Nauticam 6 housing?


    I would think the 60mm is physically too wide for the Nauticam ports. What combination of ports, extension rings, focus gears, etc are you using to get this to work? There are so many of us wanting MF macro for our NEX housings.


    I suspect this is not the Nautocam housing you are referring too, yet your profile photo says Nauticam?


    I'm currently using the 18-55mm kit lens with a Aquatica +10 stacked on top of a F.I.T +5 to get decent macro. I'd switch in a heartbeat if I could get a Canon 60mm macro and Metabones to work with my Nauticam NA-NEX7 housing and MF.


    Please share your info on how you're doing this.


    Your photos looked great!


    Thank You

  11. Like new condition Kenko 1.4 Pro 300 DG Teleconverter for Canon EOS


    This TC works with WAM (wide angle macro) and extreme super-macro with a 20mm port extension.


    See my Nauticam 20mm locking extension listed for their SLR housings. Theirs also a special Tokina 10-17mm + Kenko zoom gear available.


    Cost new $249, will sell for $135 + $15 shipping to anywhere in the US.


    Reply and CC to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com



  12. 20mm Locking Extension for Nauticam SLR Housings. Used a couple times, in mint condition and still under warranty.


    Great to use with Kenko 1.4 TC for WAM and Super-Super Macro photography. Turn your Tokina FE into a lesor degree wide angle for working with large subjects and extned your supra-macro into another dimension of magnification with the teleconverter which requires the 20mm extension.


    Cost new $ 280, will sell for $210 plus $15 shipping anywhere in US.


    Reply and CC to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com



  13. Canon-Tokina 10-17mm + Kenko 1.4 TC zoom gear for Nauticam SLR housings.


    Excellent for WAM (wide angle macro) photography. Tokina 10-17 focuses right up to the face of the port (already sold ZEN port).


    Used a couple times and like new.


    Cost $175 new, will sell for $135


    $6 shipping to anywhere in the US.


    Please reply and CC to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com


    Please see my other listed items for 20mm Nauticam locking extension and Kenko Teleplus Pro 300 teleconverter that works with this zoom gear.



  14. Mint condition Canon 100mm 2.8 USM macro lens. This is the non-IS model with the same sharpness. IS is turned off underwater so this is a less expensive and better way to go for super-macro.


    See my Nauticam 20mm extension and Kenko 1.4 300 Teleplus Pro TC for super-super-macro.


    This lens was used on one dive trip and is in mint condition. It was purchased at B&H in February, so it's still under warranty.


    Cost $ 599 new, Will sell for $475


    $15 shipping to anywhere in USA


    Reply and CC to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com



  15. Nice lightly used



    with 18-55mm IS lens, 4 batteries and dual chargers, one with car attachment.


    All is like new condition and used only on one dive trip, so very low shutter count.


    Plenty of batteries and back-up chargers, including a 12volt adapter for charging off a car or boat 12volt system.


    Please see my other listings for additional gear, including a beautiful housing for this camera.


    18MP resolution and HD video!


    All cost new over $800. Will sell for $625 plus $15 shipping to anywhere in the US. International shipping available for an extra cost


    Please see other associated listed equipment such as Nauticam NA-600D housing, lens, ports, Inon Flash



    Please reply and cc to:



    Happy diving!


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