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  1. I just heared back from INON who have been very helpful and they will fedex me a new replacment strobe. Really great service
  2. Didint fire rapidly at all, took 5-6 shots during that 10 minutes as I also helped my buddy with her wide angle rig.
  3. I have contacted the dealer whos initial reaction as you antisipaded was that this was most likely was caused by a battery compartment flooding. After I explained the situation again they have contacted Inon and forwarded both pictures and comments and now Im awaiting feedback which should come in a couple of days. After the malfunction I checked the strobe thoroughly and both the battery compartmant and sync port were completely dry as they should after a 10 minute dive at 1 meter. This was the gear try out for the trip and I spent a couple of hours going through the gear and checking each O-ring and O-ring grove. We are two divers on this trip so I have at least one witness that is as confused as I about why this happened and the only explanation that we can come up with is a manufacturer issue.
  4. Liftet up the camera out of the water pretty fast but it was definetly more disapointing than scary. The clear front plastic has shattered and taken a couple of front screws along with it but the batteries and battery compartment were fine except for the heat build up in the betteries.
  5. The battery chamber was not flooded. I have two identical strobes and used the same type of batteries in both, and my funtioning strobe had no heat build up at all, whereas the malfunctioning one had hot batteries. It's the type 3 that is only to be used with Eneloop batteries and the type 4 can be used with other NiMH batteries. Both strob, batteries and sync cable were new. -------------------- From Inon --------------------------- New Z-240 Type4/D-2000 Type4 can use other conventional NiMH batteries or high-capacity NiMH batteries as like S-2000. However, INON INC. still recommends using Sanyo "eneloop" (HR-3UTG) and equivalent new generation NiMH batteries since some conventional NiMH batteries and high-capacity NiMH batteries have following characteristics and could have problem to keep their performance. a) High self-discharging characteristic prevents using all battery capacity b) High heat generating characteristic during charging/discharging could cause excessive load on batteries/devices c) Above a) could lead to over discharge and together with above b), could lead to sudden performance deterioration When using "conventional" or "high capacity" NiMH batteries other than ("eneloop" type) "new generation" NiMH batteries, we recommend using good quality batteries with least problem mentioned above. --------------------------------------------------------------- The temp in the pool was approx 28C (82F) but I dont see how that could effect the strobe.
  6. Just took my brand new z240 type4 strobe for a test dive in the pool and it exploded after 10 minutes. It blew out the front of the strobe completely. Has anyone experienced this before? My other z240 type4 was fine but when I took out the batteries and compared them, the ones in the exploded strobe were quite hot, while the ones in the functioning strobe were cool. I'm using powerbase AA rechargable 2700mAh, and a Sea&Sea TTL converter N. I'm guessing this is cause by a fault from the production of the strobe. Any other ideas?
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