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  1. Any chance you can post a pic of the form so I can translate it for you guys? Thanks
  2. You were both right, that was exactly the issue, thanks again.
  3. Very good points, thanks to both of you. I'm not entirely sure if I extended it, but will check again later, thanks again.
  4. Hello all, Thanks to @Phil Rudin's, review I finally got myself a new WWL1-B and the Sony 28-60mm which I will put to good use next December. I assembled everything during the weekend and noticed I couldn't change the lens to autofocus using the A7RIII's menu or custom buttons. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you solve it? I haven't used the housing for the last 18-19 months so I might be forgetting something. Maybe this lens just doesn't work with "older" models? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, I actually bought them yesterday, alongside the Air module which allows you to use them topside as well. Looking forward to using them!
  6. @rgilkes Any input on those Solas? I'm thinking of taking the plunge and as of yet, there aren't any comparisons or detailed info available online. Thanks!
  7. @Whipauee Have you had any chance to try out the IBIS on the S3/A1 U/W lately? If so, could you please share some of your findings? thanks
  8. Similar as Mel pointed out, here in Chile we also have closed borders up until the end of this month and a-recently-extended-midnight curfew. I'm going diving up north in a couple of weeks after almost 19 months without dipping in and I really can't wait, even in this barren and cold coastline. I have been eyeing a lot of options for the end of the year (Caribbean, Mexico, and even Egypt) because I've got credit with Aggressor valid through 2021, which I wouldn't want to lose, but I'm not holding my hopes too high; air travel for sure has changed. And it seems it will be even more of a hassle than it used to be, thanks to PCRs, vaccination passports and whatnot. (I'm double jabbed with Chinese Sinovac, which, for political reasons, probably won't ever be accepted in the US or Europe. Gee, great, thanks). On the same note, I had a liveaboard booked for July 2020 before this nightmare started and when the company finally offered a solution, back in mid-June 2020, I hopefully foresaw this whole thing might be over around early 2022. So, I used the credit towards a Maldives LoB in March 2022. I'm definitely going, but as I said, it has gotten way tougher to get there. So much so, that I haven't bought the ticket yet. And according to a recent Undercurrent article in which a fellow diver had to quarantine in Male for two weeks in pretty precarious conditions after a LoB, it might be even harder to get out. TBH, I truly think this particular coronavirus won't disappear, and we will have to get used to it. PS: Anyone here going to the Maldives in March/April and would want to collaborate on a short documentary? PM me.
  9. Most likely, as far as I know, the A1 is the only Sony than can sync faster than 1/250th
  10. Marcus, When I went to Guadalupe I also made it through Mexico City and Tijuana, and I should tell you they did try to shake me down in the former, but not on the latter. Bear in mind this was before it was actively enforced (Sept 2019) and that I speak native Spanish, so I managed to get away with not paying anything. Best of luck with it and with the great whites
  11. Great video, I love the field of view the WWL-1 provides, especially that shot of the turtle with the diver inside the cave, well done. It's true that sometimes the colour seems a bit off. Did you white balance before every shot? If not, that may be the problem, and if you did, did you find it a cumbersome procedure? I've got an A7rIII and always thought the way to custom balance on Sony mirrorless to be a PITA. Also, how did you track the subjects? I've read and watched online that right now you can only use tracking with the touchscreen, which is impossible when using it inside a housing. Thanks!
  12. That is why I thought a retractable translucent slate would be a better solution, not only in terms of ergonomics but also because the camera would measure both the exposure and the color cast better than using only a certain distance to the subject. Maybe I'm just nitpicking...
  13. Davide, your pal is truly a human dolly, kudos to him and thanks for sharing. However, if I may, I'd like to bring this thread back to life towards technology and GAS, since most of us haven't been able to hone our underwater skills for a while now and could certainly use a digital hand to make the most out of upcoming trips, wherever and whenever that may be. I've been looking at Sony's Catalyst Browse post-stabilization software, which seems impressive from the topside footage I've watched, and I've been wondering if its gyroscope/software combo could be able to make IBIS "obsolete" whilst filming underwater. Maybe "obsolete" is a harsh term, but at least, provide a reasonable alternative. As in, "could it really be able to grasp those micro shakes underwater without proper/topside gravity/grounding?" Let me share some background to this reasoning. Sony says there is no way to put IBIS (or Active SteadyShot, as they call it) at the same time with a variable ND. So, effectively, one must choose, amongst many differences that don't fall into this particular conversation, between two cameras that share the same sensor and lens mount, but have a different form factor and thus, are marketed towards vastly different users that are already invested in the E mount ecosystem. Regardless of price, on the one side, you have a very capable low light mirrorless photo/video camera with IBIS but no VAR-ND and poor WB and AF tracking controls (such as the AS7III whilst underwater). On the other, you have a cinema camera with better WB control, proper audio inputs (when using the handle), a top notch variable ND and most "bells and whistles" to film a "Netflix Approved" doc, that -alas- has no IBIS and a poorer topside AF tracking system, no zebras or peaking to an external monitor, such as the FX-6. (Nor a housing...as of now). Note: I'm already heavily invested in Sony FF and Nauticam (glass, batteries (that would only work on the A7S3, not the FX-6), extension ports, etc), so at least for me, changing ecosystems again is not an option. I'm sticking with both. I haven't tested any of these cameras, but have researched them as thoroughly as I can, so please take my opinions/adjectives with a pinch of salt. YMMV. Short(ish)-term-wise, I will be shooting both topside and underwater in the Maldives and would like to invest in only one body, so I'm leaning towards the VAR-ND/no-IBIS front, but I am open to be proven wrong.....or right. So.....getting back to the IBIS/CB issue, I was wondering if someone could chime in using a different (older) Sony camera that had a gyroscope and tested its capabilities whilst underwater with the current version of the software? Maybe even share a Before/After comparison to have some sort of benchmark? Am I looking for the goose with the golden eggs? Hope not. I know for a fact Massimo is not into Sony, for all the reasons he's listed before on this thread and on others. However, I do believe IBIS is a welcome spec that can make underwater filmmakers lives easier and agree with him on that front. So, in the end, my question remains, could Catalyst Browse become a solution to Sony's VAR-ND/no-IBIS - IBIS/no-VAR-ND "crippling" whilst filming underwater? Thanks
  14. Both excellent points, Chris, I can see now where these scenarios could be problematic and difficult to implement, respectively (on your mentioning order). Thanks for your input. With 130 degrees at our disposal, I wouldn't mind too much zooming in a little to avoid vignetting, but dropping the WWL1-B because of a flimsy filter joint would definitely be quite the catastrophe. Back to the drawing board and costs spreadsheet, then. PS: Just for clarification, the above idea arose from the fact that some cameras need to white balance covering the whole frame in order to do it (sort of) accurately. At 130 degrees, that would take a pretty big non translucent grey card, and even if you did manage to do so, it would be at best at arms reach, somewhat defying the purpose for longer/wider takes.
  15. Hey guys, didn’t know where exactly to post this as it is more of a wishlist, so please feel free to move it to the right section. I posted this here since it relates to filming underwater and white balancing often to achieve proper colors in-camera. Thanks to Phil Rudin’s reviews, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a WWL1-B and a CMC-1 for maximum versatility on my next trip. However, I’d really like to use an M67 variable red filter and a white balance slate or cap to avoid post color correction as much as possible. I’m also planning on using lights with ambient filters, as I probably will be shooting more wide angle than macro. While researching I found this really cool dome Nauticam used to sell called the 9” white balance wide angle dome port. They even got an award back in 2012 for its design and I definitely get why; it is a very elegant solution to a common problem while shooting video, IMO. Has anyone used it before? I couldn't find any reviews. Since clearly their current focus is towards more versatility and modularity, I was wondering, wouldn’t it make sense to put one of those retractable white balance iris at the end of their flat port 45? I can see this solution could be quite cost-effective, even if it raises the price a bit, it would still be way less than the dome itself, and would allow to WB often a breeze. Now, regarding the rotating variable red filters, I’ve only found two, an Inon one and an STC optical. I was hoping to put one of them between the flat 45 and the bayonet mount, but neither have a second M67 mounting thread. For the sake of daydreaming, let’s assume they (or someone else like Keldan) did manufacture one with a second thread. Would this minimal distance between the flat port and the water contact optic affect the latter’s image quality? Assuming I’d remove the WWL1-B shades, there shouldn’t be a problem while rotating it, right? And I can also imagine it would be easier to rotate just through the counterweight collar as if using a zoom ring topside. I’ve still got 8 months for my next big trip so I reckoned it wouldn’t hurt to dream a little. And hopefully maybe even give them some ideas, since they do read this forum, right? Thoughts?
  16. @Phil Rudin thanks again for the useful information. I remember reading somewhere one can stack two CMC-1s. In your opinion, what would the magnification be in that case? Thanks again
  17. I'm in a very similar situation, although I currently own a 230mm dome which I use with the 16-35mm f2.8 and a Canon 8-15mm and would like to share my opinion. I sometimes read a lot of users complaining about traveling with one of those, but to be honest, I've traveled with it inside a hard checked luggage and never had a problem (although I put a lot of bubble wrap inside and out and keep it in a cinebag while doing so). I imagine traveling with the WACP-1 could be way more cumbersome, not even mentioning the WACP-2. However, in terms of "look" and image quality, both of them sound extremely enticing but also quite expensive. Which is why I've been eyeing the WWL-1B+CMC-1 with the 28-60mm. Sure, on land is probably useless compared to better optics, but weighs very little, and is not a big lens either. I guess this combo's main advantages are, in my opinion: reducing the size of the uw rig, offering a very usable zoom range, image quality and look, and price point. Would love to be able to shoot splits with it, but alas, nothing is perfect. I'm afraid there isn't a one-fits-all solution and I don't particularly mind changing lenses when I shoot topside. In fact, Phil, who just posted before me has me pretty much convinced this is the way to go, at least for now. Who knows what Nauticam could come up with next.
  18. Good work! I was wondering what can be seen on that route, thanks!
  19. Yes, thank you both, I just wanted to make sure. I am aware I need the one with removable shades, thanks again.
  20. After watching Alex Mustard's excellent WAM (WideAngle Macro) Reboot masterclass last week, I got really excited to try having a go at it. We don't get too many big animals here in Chile, so this could provide an alternative with local diving until travel resumes. I currently own a Sony A7rIII which I use with a Sigma MC-11 adapter and a Canon 8-15mm Fisheye. I use the Nauticam 30 extension when using this combo on a 230mm dome, and was wondering if I would need this one, or any other extension, if I used a 100mm Zen mini dome? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  21. Interesting. Did they explicitly say you would not be charged again if you went back with the same system and kept the receipt?
  22. I forgot to say, it is a glass dome. If anyone is interested in the 60mm EXR, now is the time to say so.
  23. Thanks, already sent you my email via PM to forward it to him
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