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  1. Thanks Bent C. I had the chance to use the G10/DC28 this past weekend on a *somewhat* clear Minnesota lake. The results after full adjustment in lightroom are excellent, in my personal opinion, for what I've got and I'll probably not opt to take any additional equipment. Hauling more equipment and learning to use that equipment only to probably forget it again by the time the opportunity arises again doesn't seem like a smart game plan. That and when I buy a toy with the intention of selling again the toy usually stays in a box while the money stays out of my wallet. I'm sure I'm not alone in that regard.
  2. Thank you Vondo. I am happy to have been the recipient of your only post. As I'd gotten excellent results with the crummy point and shoot I imagine this camera will do just fine without additional equipment. It's nice to get a confirmation of that. I'm going to get a chance to use the camera/housing this weekend and should get a good idea of what to expect. Thanks again.
  3. Hello all, I'm a knowledgeable dryland photographer but am new here. Some background info: I'm headed to the Philippines this fall for work and plan to do plenty of snorkeling. In the past I've shot underwater with my trusty old Canon s400 and was very pleased with the results (maybe for someone that doesn't particularly know better) using the Canon housing. My brother has a G10, and I've bought the equivalent housing both for snorkeling/diving in the Philippines and diving/underwater people shots during a wedding weekend on a beautiful, clear lake in northern Minnesota. As I've gotten much more serious about photography since my previous snorkeling trips, I'd really like to get the most from the setup. My question is this: Is there any further equipment that I should look at to walk away with much better photos? Warming filter? Strobes? Anything else? 95% certain that I'll be reselling once the trip is over, so money isn't a huge issue provided I can buy used. Carrying a great deal of kit would be a problem, though. Side question: Are there any relatively inexpensive, reliable (over the course of a couple weeks, anyway) underwater solutions for a Sony Nex7? I've looked but haven't had much luck, hence the borrowing of the brother's G10. If the answer is "NO", that's ok Any help at all would be much appreciated.
  4. Hey, I'm in the same boat in that I will be heading to the Philippines this fall for work and plan to stick around for a week or two to enjoy myself. I'm tagging along with your thread.
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