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  1. I'm selling my new housing from UK-GERMANY for the Canon 5D Mark III. The housing is unused! The housing is equipped with two S6 and has an optical connection for fiber optic cable. It comes with the normal viewfinder and zoom ring for the Tokina 10-17 lens in conjunction with the Kenko converter. The original price was around 2308 Euro without the normal viewfinder and Tokina (Kenko) zoom ring! The invoice from the manufacturer (UK-Germany) is available (07.05.2013). Asking price for the housing (incl. normal viewfinder + zoom ring) : 2050 EUR (excl. shipping).
  2. Done, after the first post it is! regards tibrandt
  3. Hello, I want to sell an underwater housing, non-commercial! Unfortunately, I can under: Classifieds post anything. It says: "You cannot start a new topic." How can I post my sales? Thank you! regards tibrandt
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