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  1. Interested to know what you have still available to put together a wide angle setup? PM sent
  2. Hi there, lost my NEX-7 WA setup last week in 60m water & might be interested in some of your gear if no luck recovering it within the next week or so. I had 16mm pancake lens with VCL-EF2 fisheye converter & Nauticam 4.33” dome port. I’d be interested in making up a zoom equivalent to this.
  3. I'm Steve & although not new to U/W photography, always keen to learn more & keep abreast of new technology. A lot of my diving is deeper technical stuff & I typically carry a wide angle setup specifically for capturing wrecks. The gear gets a hard time clipped on with sling tanks, but I couldn’t imagine doing these dives without capturing some of the amazing sights
  4. Sent you PM but haven't heard back?
  5. Hi there, am interested in this if still for sale.
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