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About Me

He was born in Bari in 1965 and currently resides in Valenzano in the province of Bari.

He began to get interested in underwater photography in 1981 and in the same year he obtained his first diving license, today he is a 2-star CMAS instructor and underwater photography instructor.
Traveling and photographing, in this spirit visit the most interesting corners of our globe but his great passion is the "Mare Nostrum" and in particular the depths of his beloved Puglia to which he devotes most of the hours of immersion.

Awarded at the most prestigious national and international competitions, including the Lugano International Biennial, the Vodan international competition (Slovenia), the Image 99 international competition (Birmingham), the International Marmara Festival (Turkey) and the 30th International Festival of underwater photography in Antibes “sez. Malacology ".
From 1997 to 2000 he was part of the Italian National Underwater Photography and in 1995 he obtained the title of Italian Team Champion.

Today, her experience uses her as a juror in impromptu national and international competitive photography competitions and underwater photography, and as a teacher in photography courses and workshops.
It documents the sea in all its many forms, ranging from ambient photography to macro photography, with a predilection for the latter, creating images in which the exaltation of colors, combined with careful and personal compositional research, offer a suggestive vision of the world marine.

Since 1990 he has been publishing calendars thanks to the collaboration with the most renowned Graphic companies.
In 2008 he realizes the @DI project, a way to communicate and share the passion for the sea in the land of Puglia.
In 2014 it formalizes the photo information network www.diveinformation.it
Since 2011 he has been the face of the Seacam.
"D’Acqua" is the title of his new exhibition that is on tour in the land of Puglia.giuseppepignataro.jpg

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