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  1. Yup - having some real issues with these Li-Ion batteries (2nd Gen), just had one purchased last year, working fine until a month or so ago until battery would strangely charge for just 15 mins - showing nearly a full charge but within 10 TTL activations died. Unfortunately out of warranty when problem arose. Now my 2nd Batt is showing signs of pending failure. Dies at the end of a 2nd dive (both dives about 1hr with about 50 TTL flash activations). Battery is now out of warranty also. This is despite adhering to the manufacturers guidelines. Now thinking of returning to NiMH !
  2. Just by chance if anyone has a 5502 port they want to part with
  3. Have an Ikelite 8" dome and looking for the 5510.24 extension - If anyone might have one for sale please drop me a line...
  4. I have synch cords, ports etc so just require the housing thanks....
  5. For Canon 40D Ikelite housing..... Pleased to hear from anyone who may have such an item.... Payment via Paypal.
  6. Ah that makes a lot of sense now ! many thanks for your reply Manta - & some quality images on your photo stream, very impressive. Your macro shots would be the type of shots that interest me,although I guess its spotting the little critters initially! Ive been in the Philippines nearly 2yrs now & know that i'm missing so much by not taking advantage of an amazing underwater realm here. thanks once again :-)
  7. New to the underwater photographic side & Just looking to acquire a package based around a 5D Mk 11 and an Aquatica housing & all the other bits that go with it such as domes,ports,arms,strobes - not sure where the list ends !! But a question on the focusing arrangements for lenses on the Canon 16-35, I don't quite understand if I really need manual focusing gearing is this a necessity? Thanks in advance for replies......
  8. Hi if still for sale could you send me details, i'm looking for a full package deal with the 5D Mark 11 liron_bruce at yahoo dot co dot uk
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