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  1. Hi, Apologies if this is a double post - I can't see my original post since the awesome site update was launched... Anyway, I'm looking for an Ikelite dome port no. 9304 - if anyone has one, I'd be very please to take it off your hands in exchange for some cold, hard cash. Cheers.
  2. Yeah, I see exactly what you mean - thanks a lot for the comments! I'm working down in Salalah, and yes, the diving here is great. A lot of animals here seem to be quite a bit larger than anywhere else I've seen them... Any plans to come back this way?
  3. Starring a super-smily Ringed chromodoris, mating Black-saddled tobies, a lone Lionfish and our favourite Flathead crocodilefish. Feedback welcome! [vimeohd]55886456[/vimeohd]
  4. Hi all. If anyone has a wide-angle port available, please let me know! Preferably the Fathom / Ikelite 6480, but let me know if you have a 67mm wide-angle conversion lens. Cheers, Nick.
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