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  1. I echo the commments of Bruce and Mike above. I was on the same trip as them and thought it was GREAT. She will not kowtow to troublemakers and prima donas, which YOU will appreciate, if you have ever been on a trip with one, unless of course, you are one. Hal
  2. I will be a little bit of a heretic here, but I shoot a lot in dark, cold water. I find the D2x autofocus to be little, if any bettter than the D70 in under dim illumination. There are many excellent reasons to get the D2x, and I love mine, but I would not do it for autofocus. An inexpensive focus light would add much more to your macro focus than a $5000 cmaera that requires a $5000 housing. Hal
  3. I will believe that when I see it. L&M promised me a D70 housing. Hal
  4. I have bought photo gear from them, but no underwater stuff. They have been first rate with me. Hal
  5. Great shots. Were they all with the 10.5? Hal
  6. Very nice. It looks like better visibility than when i was there in November. Hal
  7. Beautiful gallery. I have the same setup. Is a "macromate" the same thing as a "Woody's diopter"? Where did you get yours? Hal
  8. Very nice. How do you like the camera, and what housing are you using? Hal
  9. Very nice work. I am going there next fall with Deb Fugitt's group. Now, I am really psyched! Hal
  10. I have the Nikkor 16 mm fisheye. I am very happy with it. The 17-80 kit lens has soft and distorted edges at the wide end. Hal
  11. The largest Pelican case can. I bought one last fall, and have been very happy with it. I forget the model #, but it is on their website. Hal
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