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  1. LeeCat

    Saga Trio

    Looking for Saga Trio macrolens
  2. @adamhanlon The best would be to see photo done with Trio and conventional macro... @Alex_Mustard Cold water diving isn't my cap of tea , but lever control and reduction of different pieces of equipment - bonus
  3. @adamhanlon Thanks a lot for your tip. I'd like to know something from hands-on experience and, specifically, why this lens is relatively unpopular, compare with traditional macro lenses.
  4. I'm planning (???) to buy Saga Trio macrolens and would like to get community opinion about this device regarding quality, convenience vs conventional wet macrolenses (AOI, Aquaco, Weefine, ...). Will be much appreciated for comparative examples.
  5. 100% agree with Alex Mustard. You can score negligible weight/size, as major problems are outside of housing itself: viewfinder, ports, domes, lights, arms etc. As result you will save 200-300-400 grams with a lot of cost for new system It's sad but true
  6. @TimG: I'm interested in 10m fiber with delivery to South Africa or UK.
  7. Based on housing photo you provided you should be able to trigger external flashes via 2 available optical ports.
  8. My wild guess would be housing problem. Under pressure minor deformation of the housing makes contact between command dial and rubberized wheel weaker to a level of not enough friction. As far as I heard it was often (???) applicable to Ikelite housings. But, please remember: all of the above is just my wild guess
  9. I want to find out from the public about magnetic adapters for wet lenses, for example: http://www.divervision.com/howshot-m67-magnetic-lens-mount-MG-M67.html or like this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NiteScuba-M67-Magnetic-Mount-with-Lock-for-macro-wide-angle-fisheye-lens-adapter-filter-holder-underwater/32935095899.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.267.61403c00Nd4Kfy - How reliable is such an adapter? - Does it provide good axial alignment between the main lens and the wet lens? - How significant is the change in the distance between the main lens and the wet lens in terms of working distance and image quality?
  10. Dear community, I need to service my 3 years old NA-D800 and would like to do it myself. I can get full rebuilt/service kit. Would it be possible to find service manual for the housing or any other similar ones?
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