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  1. I have a Sea and Sea Housing for a Canon 5D Classic, that's a 7 year old camera. The camera is a full frame sensor. I'm selling the whole kit complete with camera, extender (for use with say a 17-40mm or 16-35mm lens along with the fisheye port. The housing is well used but in perfect working order, the camera has only been used below water so there's plenty of life in the shutter. Oh and there are no scratches on the dome port. I wanted $1000 for the lot and I'm not interested in selling for less. I can mail anywhere in the States. Payment via PayPal only.
  2. I've got two 8 megapixel Olympus SP350 digital cameras for sale along with one underwater housing. I used one of the cameras extensively whilst travelling and it never let me down. I liked it so much I bought a second and an underwater housing, however, the second camera and the housing have never been used, not once. So that's one used camera, one unused and one unused housing. I found this camera to be perfect for travelling because you don't carry a battery charger around with you, it takes AA batteries. If you buy lithium batteries it lasts for ages. I'll throw in a bunch of memory cards. I'm asking £150 for the lot.
  3. Just to say the strobes and cables have been sold. The DX50 port, port base and Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro USM Focus Gear Ring is still available.
  4. Hi I recently picked up a Sea and Sea housing for the Canon 5d Classic. My intention is to photograph half in water half out water subjects, consequently I have no need for some kit. I have a pair of Sea and Sea YS-110 strobes in full working order. 2 connecting cables one operates both strobes and the other can operate a single strobe. I also have a DX macro port for the 100mm Canon Macro lens, this is not the new Canon 100mm L lens I just tried it on that lens and it doesn't fit so it is the older (cheaper) lens. The port is glass fronted and not scratched. Can anyone tell me what I might get for this kit or perhaps someone might make a reasonable offer.
  5. Hi Folks, I'm new to the forum and underwater photography. I recently bought some kit to use for half in half out of water photography and I have no use for the Strobes, DX Macro port or Canon 100mm Macro Focus Ring. This is the old type ring not for the current 100mm L lens. The Sea and Sea YS-110 strobes come with two cables, one allows the use of both strobes the other connects to just one. They're in perfect working order, though I understand they were well used. Can anyone please advise me as to whether this kit is still of any value and if so I'll put it in the correct area of the forum. Much thanks in advance, Andy
  6. I'm new to the forum and underwater photography. I just bought an old Sea and Sea housing for a Canon 5d Classic (about a 7 year old camera). I intend only to shoot half in half out of water photography or shallow shots. Consequently I hope to sell the YS-110 strobes and some macro kit that came with my camera.
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