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  1. Thanks! I'm now upgrading my equipment, I bought a Canon G12 with an Ikelite housing. Now I'm looking for a strobe, I've a Sea&Sea YS-01 but maybe it's better as a slave strobe. Any suggestion? thanks again
  2. Some shoots from Bangka Island close to Bunaken, Indonesia. I'm a beginner, I've used a camera of a friend of mine, Sea&sea DX-2G with YS-01 flash, any advice will be highly appreciated! I bought a G12 some months ago, I'm thinking about a second flash, any suggestion? thanks to everyone!
  3. Hi, I can consider to buy all the package, just tell me if you still have it (except for the camera, I already have it)
  4. Really nice shoots (amazing ghost pipefish!)..I really miss Indonesia!
  5. Hi to everyone, I'm looking for a G12 ikelite housing, good used one will be perfect!
  6. Hi I've just joined the community, I'm looking for g12 housing by Ikelite, do you still have it? thanks!
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