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  1. i will be on the nautilus explorer in late august and my plans are shooting with sigma 10-20 / 17-50 with magic filter if the light and water will let me. any expericence with magic filter and gws ? TIA !
  2. iam selling 2 Nova D-TTL for nikon with battery arms and chargers. if anybody is interessted please PM me ! location is germany regards n@utilus
  3. hi guys, any experience with the new 60mm underwater ?? does the new nikon 60mm micro also needs more light (to focus) than the old one ? if you compare the 105mm old/new theres a difference in how much light it needs to focus, old one needs less light but autofocus is slower than the new one which needs more light but faster focus. TIA
  4. looks like we do 7 nights on the dancer and 6 nights in peleliu. i hope to see more of the wrecks on the liveaboard. thx
  5. Dolphin Bay Resort Peleliu anybody been there the last couple of months ??? planning a trip to palau for november ,but iam not sure if i should stay there for 2 weeks or splitting between koror and peleliu or go on a liveaboard. TIA
  6. dont get me wrong,anilao was great diving,but.... we had horrible accomodation and food at the outrigger resort for 2 weeks. and since then iam really afraid to go there again and have a similar experience in another resort because all other resorts we saw from the dive boat looked nearly the same (not so nice). especially the food was really bad there imo. everything was totaly different from what we saw at their homepage...and the best is,it was so expenseive for No value. sure ,anilao and porto galera in combination would be a nice package for muck/critter diving.... if somebody really can give some inside information about a good place in anilao....i would think about going there again. TIA
  7. hi, what is the best place for muck/critter diving in the philippines ?? i dont want to go to anilao again,so plz some other suggestions would be nice iam really looking for some hot spots ! not just some nudis and frogys travel time is sometime between march and july. what about Dumaguete ?? thanx
  8. first time with my d300... bali/tulamben aug./sep. at tulamben wreck divers (tony is a nice guy )
  9. would be nice if somebody could post some "rules" to avoid own faults :-)
  10. amazing !!!!!! me and my girlfriend really want to join one of these trips one day "After dinner we motor back to Tiger Beach for a night dive" even if you are a real man....isnt this alot of risk??
  11. ive got some pictures of deformed nudis...if i find the time i will post some..
  12. i have no problems with subtronic service here in germany !!
  13. hi, anybody already using the new sealux GV150 viewfinder ?? http://sealux.de/s1e.htm iam thinking about getting this one on my new d300 housing and iam just curious if somebody else already using it ?? before i used the GD viewfinder on my d70 housing,that was already a great pleasure. TIA
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