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  1. FWIW at some airports like OAK if there is not a PreCheck line the TSA staff will sometimes send those with PreCheck through the metal detector and not make them take all their crap out. Quite variable though.
  2. In Indonesia, we were diving cool waters, so I asked for double hot chocolates. Then I hopped in a hot shower.
  3. Sad to learn of this news. I bought my kit from them and had very good help. I wish them the best.
  4. Thanks, but that is basically what I created with the shampoo bottle. That did not work very well and they are more opaque than the Pringle lids.
  5. Just back from diving around Komodo Island and managed to get a few fun images. This Drangonet was hoping around on the coral when I noticed her. Then I noticed this nice flat piece of coral that was in the shape of a small platter. I thought to myself that would make for a nice photo if the Dragonet hopped up on it. So I got in position as best I could and low and behold she jumped up for just a couple of seconds. I got this shot. A bit too much flash coming from the right. But over all I am pretty happy with the shot. Especially as she has her dorsal fin nicely displayed. I am still working with the photo post processing as this is just from the jpg.
  6. I have a Hartenberger focus light with an LED light head. It is too bright as a focus light. The original light head which was halogen had a diffuser lens from the get go that work nicely. For this last trip I made a couple of diffusers from a white shampoo bottle. It worked okay but was still harsher than I wanted. It also turned my nice white to yellow which I did not like. As such, I have a couple of options. I am sure I can send the head to Hartenberger and have them swap out the clear glass with a frosted lens. But I was thinking about making some glass diffusers and wanted to get some input on what type of glass to look for. I know about what I call laboratory grade optical diffusers but not sure I need that high of quality.
  7. One question to pose that I can not answer regarding the Vancouver Aquarium is whether they are exhibiting or doing shows with dolphins. I longer support and actively encourage people not to visit the Georgia Aquarium because they do dolphin shows (and pretty crappy ones at that). Initially the Georgia Aquarium was excellent venue but with the addition of dolphin shows they are not. IMHO aquariums should be about education and not entertainment.
  8. Thanks for the feed back Alex. Greatly appreciated. I am shooting with a single strobe at this point (on the right side of my rig). It actually makes for a really compact kit when traveling. I'll try some additional post processing using your suggestions. Thanks.
  9. I am still working on my technique. As folks can see there definitely a lack of sharpness. It was a drift dive and I really did not have time to set up as it was a pretty stiff current (Cozumel). I managed to get this one shot. ISO 200 f5 1/200 sec. I thought the composition was great and I did not notice the hole in the reef until later. I am finding that using my focus light all the time really helps with the focus. Comments and thoughts otherwise enjoy the photo as it was probably the best shot from the trip.
  10. I have a bunch of desiccant that is in smallish packets - about 1.5" x 1.5" about the right size for DLSR housings. I am happy to ship to whom ever wants it. All I ask is for the shipping to be paid.
  11. This is a really cool way to impress the females : http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2013/08/15/underwater-crop-circles-mystery-solved/#.VEbh6d6UXbA
  12. Cool, I find a nice letter with factual comments often gets noticed with positive results.
  13. The above post is basically what I do as well. Crank them down tight for top side and loosen them up underwater so the arms move easily. I do find that sometimes the clamps need to be adjusted depending on how I am shooting - vertical vs horizontal.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the comments. The image is the raw image and was shot in manual. It sounds like I need to up the f-stop and utilized more flash power. I can not remember the flash setting put perhaps 1/4 power. Thanks.
  15. One can easily add an additional pocket to a dry suit. Mine has two pockets that I installed. Short of that I would rig it so that I could wrap it around a strobe and use a cord toggle lock to secure it.
  16. I need some insight on how to improve my sand shots. Not much contrast and pretty flat lighting. I used a focus light and my strobe and shot 1/250 and f3.3.
  17. Given the bulk of WA lens and ports I thought folks might be interested in this article: http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/semiconductors/optoelectronics/wide-fields-in-exquisite-detail I doubt such technology will be on market soon.
  18. Oops, sorry. My dyslexia strikes. Tittle has been corrected.
  19. I know cross posting from other forums is not the best but I think folks here would benefit regarding these details about DEPP: http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/scuba-related-court-cases/457121-state-kentucky-has-filed-against-depp-divers-equipment-protection-policy.html#post6818873 Unfortunately, I do not have an actual source of the information but feel what is linked is credible.
  20. So I am in Bonaire for a week of diving. We do our check out dive and and couple of other dives the first day. That evening I get my camera gear set up. I am going to get my UK Germany LX5 housing wet for the first time since Uwe sent me a wet lens for it. We do the first dive and I take a few photos. As I enter the water for the second dive I wake the camera up and I see a water line in housing!!!! Ahhhh!! I swim like hell back to shore all the while watching the water line and waiting for the camera to die. Just as I reach shore I notice that the camera has not died. What the hell?? I look at the front and see water in the lens. Then it becomes clear - literally and figuratively. The wet lens was filling with water :-)))). I laugh at myself and then explain to my dive partners my irrational behavior as I swim back out. I will up load a few photos for folks to critique here soon. In the mean time please laugh at my anticts :-).
  21. She turned herself into the local authorities after the story broke.
  22. A side question - I am curious to know how folks respond to image requests for scientific journal articles? The reason I ask is that a few years back I did some work on fish patterns: http://www.sci.utah.edu/~allen/materials/Sanderson_JGT_2006.pdf Several photographers (some of which are WetPixel members) kindly allowed their images to be used free of charge. Naturally, they were acknowledged in the paper and their images given full credit. I thought it was cool especially when our work was put on the front cover of the journal it was published in.
  23. Hmm, by the way the ole griz took beat the crap of the camera I would say he was not a Nikon fan. Either the photo forgot to ask for a model release.
  24. Hey at least speedo guy got in there and did something, mister orange shorts, blue shirt did nothing. Funny all the women folk watched. When my wife and were helping put out a house fire in Belize it was pretty amazing watching every on help. Only a few stood around.
  25. You must be one with the water grasshopper.
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